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⁃˳¶˳⁃ if you were here, my Love ⁃˳¶˳⁃

if  you were here,  my Love

would you unbraid my hair

trailing soft kisses down my spine?

would you caress the small of my back

and set me to trembling?

if  you were here,  my Love

would you brush out my hair

leaving gentle kisses upon my shoulder?

would you fall into my arms

and let me hold you close?

if  you were here,  my Love

would you meet my gaze

warming me with your desire?

would you see the hunger

and the need,  bright within my eyes?

if  you were here,  my Love

i would never let you go

⁃ɑ ˳¶˳ ɒ⁃

⁃ ˳¶˳ ⁃

⁃ ¶ ⁃


“The Very Thought of  You”   Sarah Vaughan

originally posted  26 March 2010
{ rewritten and posted  9 December 2012 }

artwork ~  “The Braid (Suzanne Valadon)”   Pierre-Auguste Renoir
{ public domain }

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∙◦Ͽ◦∙ autumn memories ∙◦Ͼ◦∙




autumn memories

timid waves inching forward

as we fell in love

shy beginnings of  our lust

tender kisses on the beach


water on warm sand

cool air around fervant need

our desire building

summer’s exit unnoticed

love’s flames all that we could see


walking hand-in-hand

in the sunset of  our lives

autumn memories

wishing we could turn back time

start the journey once again





this is my attempt at  Man’yoshu Japanese Poetry  ~  Somon:  mutual exchanges of love or longing poetry;  tanka:  (5-7-5-7-7)   i wrote this as a love song between a man and a woman  { though it would apply to any couple,  no matter their gender }  the lines in italics are  her speaking and the plain text lines are  him speaking.  though this is given voice by two people,  i still tried to maintain the  “pivot line”  ( the third line of  each verse )  which can be read as the last line of  a verse comprised of  the  first three lines of  the tanka,  or as the  first line of  a verse made up of  only the last three lines of  each tanka.   so just to complicate this even more,  you can read it as entirely one poem;  you can read  her  lines  and  his  lines  or  you can read it  as the  first three lines of  each stanza/tanka  and then the last three lines of  each one.



“Something”   George Harrison



originally posted  11 November 2011



inspired by  ~


Form For All    at    dVerse ~ Poets Pub
prompt:   Man’yoshu Japanese Poetry  ~  Somon:  mutual exchanges of love or longing poetry;  tanka:  (5-7-5-7-7)
{thank you, Gay Reiser Cannon and Jane Kohut-Bartels aka Lady Nyo.}

The Thursday Think Tank #73     at     Poets United
prompt:   “The Waning Days of Fall”
image above by Ella Wilson  { i saw it as waves lapping along a beach }





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/.. • ADDicted // ..• . .

•  // •


your heart races



trying to catch up to

youR BODY TREMBLES you can’t hold //

still your mind’s out of

{YOU CAN’T} control where it goes you can’t //


breathe you want to deny


what you need BUT IT’S

//NO USE  you might as well

face it you’re




you can’t live

WITHOUT IT  // you

go mad all


alone facing


//this   and there

any thing you can do

anything // but


give up

a KISS…  is{n’t} all you

need // to have





you’re add


icted // YOU GOTTA


//IT  has you by the

{ heart }  throat  [ BALLS ]  and you might

as well // face


it  ’cause there’s


not a thing

• •  A  thing

•  •  • NOTHING•

you can do

but fuck


can you do what you

want to do  /  WANT TO do  /  WANT to do

you know what you WANT to do //


IN  • • •

give it up…  ..

…another kiss

won’t  / be




too much

to this

lust // for the pain


of  the guilty


it’s ALL you

think about

think about

think about

it    // you might as

well FACE

IT… • …..

. . ..  ·•. .  .. ·/ /

you’re addicted to
LoveUST //


•·  ..

if  you haven’t heard this version of  “Addicted to Love” you’re in for a real treat

“Addicted to Love”   Florence and The Machine

image: Gaudenzio Marconi (1841-1885), Nudo femminile, circa 1870
{  public domain }

rewritten version above originally posted  25 September 2011

the first “addicted” was posted  15 January 2011  ~


addicted to you

far stronger than any drug

you course through my veins




the longer version was inspired by
the prompt “use repetition in a poem”
from the amazing HEDGEWITCH
Poetics ~ Say It Again, Sam
at  dVerse ~ Poets Pub


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··ร· wish ~ a duet ·ร··

what would you have me
do  for you if  any wish
i  could grant to you

One touch,  your gentle
hand rested for a moment
on my heart,  with love

one touch,   from the hand
of a loving heart   …the touch
of  your beloved

A smile and a kiss
just to brush your fingertips
as they touch my heart

shivers down my spine
from the light touch of  your lips
on my  fingertips…

Fingertips follow
your wandering shivers   …down…
explore soft wonders

a gentle moan escapes
my lips…  my hand on your heart
feels it beat faster

My lips kiss your moan
taste it tenderly  …kissing
before it flies off

my lips meeting yours…
one kiss just the beginning
of  passion’s release

Looking deep within
eye speaks unto eye   …calling
come with me tonight

soul speaks unto soul…
coming together with  joy…
no longer alone

Lightly touching me
your hand strokes my heart again
granting ecstasy

two souls…   two hearts…   joined
in ecstasy    …in desire…
each   for the other

Passion smouldering
constantly glowing…   waiting
your words fan the spark

your words the spark    …fires
of  my desire ignited…
passion burns brighter

Heart enflamed – burn bright
body burns with your love’s touch
hold me in your arms…

already holding
you in my heart   …now holding
you close in my arms

Our lips are touching
wordless speech from our bodies
talk to each other

touch…   taste…   sight…   sound…   scent…
all of  our senses heightened
by  flames of  desire

Senses beyond five
allow me visions of  you
…I can see your Soul

the shells   …the bodies…
matter not ~ ’tis the souls whose
journeys continue

To Infinity
exploring our passions
we fly   …together

an amazing duet played by two people on one cello at the same time

Iva Casian Lakos and Eric Tinkerhess
play a traditional Macedonian love song  “Jovano, Jovanke”
adapted from an arrangement by Giovanni Sollima and Monika Leskovar

originally posted  18 February 2011

artwork ~   “Triomphe De L’Amour”   Salvador Dali
{ fair use }

“wish ~ a duet”  was my  first attempt at  a renga  {a collaborative linked poem comprised of  haikū/a duet with alternate haikū verses by two poets}  written by Ainsley Allmark  {  @DolphinDancer }  and myself.  Ainsley’s stunning photography,  poetry and prose can be found on a number of  blogs in addition to  “DOLPHIN MUSE”  ~  please click on any of  the  “Dolphin”  listings in the blogrolls at the bottom of  this page to see more of  his work.  we hope you enjoyed reading this duet as much as we enjoyed writing it.  { we wrote modern haikū ~ in the past our verses would have been considered senryū.  }

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·Ꮫ· say you will ·Ꮫ·



slake your thirst

drink my ambrosia


feed your hunger

partake of me

all i ask in return

is to do the same to you

my thirst is


my hunger

knows no bounds


just let go

lose all control

let your desires reign

fires of passion

unlike any you have known

pleasure on the verge of pain

will lead you

to ecstasy beyond imagination

come to me

and  you will never need

come to me

and  you will never leave

• Ꮫ •

“Say You Will”    Kanye West

my poem is inspired by the song,    “Say You Will”  by Kanye West.  particularly these lines ~

“When I grab your neck
 I touch your soul.
 Take off  your cool
 Then lose control.”

artwork  ~  “The Star”   via   freeparking on Flickr
{ some rights reserved }
if  anyone knows who the original artist is,  please leave a comment.  thank you.

originally posted  23 June 2011

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