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BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY 2015 ~ and the winners are….


(inter)National Poetry Month
April  2015

and the winners are…

i  put everyone’s name into a bowl,  mixed them up and pulled them out with my eyes closed and the winners of the books are:

Allyson   won  “The Cherub of  Pierzanie Prison and other poems”  by Shay Caroline Simmons

Jo   won  “Gemini/Scorpio/Capricorn:  three American women poets” by Shay Caroline Simmons,  Kelli Simpson and Joy Ann Jones

Lissa   won  “100 Best-Loved Poems

Linda  won the e-book “The Road Not Taken and Other Poems [Illustrated]”  by Robert Frost

S.Fraihat  won the e-book  “Leaves of  Grass [Illustrated]”  by Walt Whitman

Maria  won the e-book  “Love Poem Collection — The Greatest Love Poems and Quotes of  All Time [Illustrated]

Marianne  won the e-book  “100 Best-Loved Poems

thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!

the giveaway is now closed

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30 poems in 30 minutes {not really} #NaPoWriMo + #giveaway


i was unable to post a poem a day for NaPoWriMo  (National Poetry Writing Month)  so i decided to challenge myself to write 30 poems this morning to post on the final day of  National Poetry Month.  some are using prompts provided throughout the month at  which will be shown in  { } after the poem.  ( i know that’s not how it works,  but better late than never… )   i hope they’re not all terrible!  {smile}  i realize this is a long post ~ i’d be pleased if  you just read the first poem.

the chaos of  the stars

echoes in my blood

a siren’s song

leading to destruction

but,  oh,  what a  glorious sight it will be

{ write a poem about the stars }

fear feeds on itself
to go hungry

but so ex…cited
at the meal  i will provide

Fear shadows me
it will eat before long

always trying to move forward
to tomorrow and beyond
grateful for the bridges
built by those who came before

{ write a poem about bridges }

birds  singing

welcoming  the  sun

happy  to  see  his  return

out of  my mind

out of  control

out of  chances

out of  time

before  you

my  world

was  a  sad  and  lonely  place

filled  with  nothing  but  grey

And the sunlight clasps the earth,
And the moonbeams kiss the sea;–
What are all these kissings worth,
If thou kiss not me?

excerpt from ‘Love’s  Philosophy’
Percy Bysshe Shelley

and the sunlight clasps the earth
like a mother holds her babe to her breast
giving warmth and comfort
bringing  joy to them both

i  lost my faith
before my virginity
or did i ever have it?
i  don’t remember
impossible to get back
if  it was ever there

maybe that’s why
there’s an emptiness
deep inside
begging to be filled
yet knowing
it never will

sing  to  me

a  sweet  lullaby

carry  me  off

to  the  land  of  dreams

i  will wake to this life
again and again and again
grateful each time i do

i  want to truly live this life
again and again and again
open to all that comes my way

i  wonder at this life
again and again and again
so much love and joy to be found


more  powerful

than  life  itself

{ hay(na)ku ~ three lines:  first – one word,  second – two words,  third – three words }

whispers on the wind

just beyond understanding

running after them

trying to catch the meaning


they are meant for me

oh!  joy!



all lovely as can be


none can touch

the beauty
of  someone seen
through the eyes of  love

{ traditionally,  pastoral poems involved various shepherdesses and shepherds talking about love and fields,  but yours can really just be a poem that engages with nature }

every time i look at you

i fall into love again

hop a train
don’t care to where
all the same to me

clickety clack
clickety clack

don’t look back
can’t look back
never look back

rock and sway
the night away
all my life

don’t come back
never go back
take me back
wanna go back

clickety clack
clickety clack

when the whistle
makes me lonely at night
the tracks keep me company

if the whistle
gives me a fright
the track reassures

that it’s all right
it’s all right

the rhythm
of the rails
lulls me to sleep

clickety clack
clickety clack

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”
― William Wordsworth

i  have a purpose
to bring smiles or tears
without one or the other
i  have failed

…i  am a poem

{ personification ~ writing in the voice of  someone/something else }

i  cannot sleep
…i  will not
lest the ghosts
of  my sins
come to haunt me

i  know…

the sun will come up in the morning
the birds will sing in the trees they are adorning
some days rain brings rainbows
other days i’ll wonder why i even arose
true love must be given a chance
you,  love,  make my heart dance

{ write a poem that states the things you know }

air warms and sweetens

with the scent of new blossoms

sunbeams brightening the day

non,  je ne regrette rien

no,  i do not regret anything

all of  the mistakes i have made

all of  the opportunities i have missed

all of  the obstacles in my path


have brought me here to you

i used to think love was for fools
pain was guaranteed
no one could be trusted

you came into my life
opened my heart
i gave it to you completely

because the love in your eyes
is undeniable

{ write a poem in which you explain your reasons for changing your mind about something }

darkness  deep  in  my  soul

awaiting  a  chance  to  come  forth

craving  destruction  and  chaos

time will wash it away

if  you believe that

   …’re a fool

you  bring me smiles
you  make me laugh
with  you i  feel safe
with  you i  know  i’m desired
you  show me things in a different light
you  draw the best of  me out of  the dark
i  gave you my trust
you  gave me  yourself
is a wonderful place to be

{ write a “loveless” love poem ~ without using the word love }

she wears moonbeams

and starlight in her hair

the dawn patiently waiting

until her dance is through

{ write the form known as the aubade which are morning poems about dawn and daybreak }

You can’t do that.

Why not?

Because you’re incapable.

Says you.

You can’t even come up with a mature response.

Why should I?

You can’t do that.

I  just did.

( me, talking to myself )

{ write a poem using dialogue }

‘It’s never too late to be what you might have been.’

–George Eliot

if  i wake up tomorrow

and make the decision

to do whatever it takes


can i  become

what i  might have been?

the me

i’d  rather be?

everything  i’ve dreamed of
everything  i’ve longed for
everything  i’ve needed

is in your eyes

boom dee ya da
boom boom

boom dee ya da

sing along with me

boom dee ya da
boom boom

boom dee ya da

i  promise
it’ll  leave you with a smile

boom dee ya da
boom boom

boom dee ya da

“I Love the Mountains”  {boom dee ya da}   Houaida Goulli

this is my submission to ~

Poetry Pantry #250     at     Poets United
submit a new or old poem

thank you,  Mary!

The Tuesday Platform    at   imaginary garden with real toads

thank you, Kerry!


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poem in your pocket day Thursday, 30 April 2015 #pocketpoem + #giveaway

(inter)national poetry month ~

April 2015

Celebrate national Poem In Your Pocket Day on Thursday, April 30, 2015!

The idea is simple: select a poem you love during National Poetry Month then carry it with you to share with co-workers, family, and friends. You can also share your poem selection on Twitter by using the hashtag #pocketpoemit doesn’t even have to be a poem YOU write ~ write down one of  your favorite poems by any author and share it.


In this age of mechanical and digital reproduction,  it’s easy to carry a poem,  share a poem,  or start your own PIYP day event.  Here are some ideas of how you might get involved:

  • Start a  “poems for pockets”  give-a-way in your school or workplace
  • Urge local businesses to offer discounts for those carrying poems
  • Post pocket-sized verses in public places
  • Handwrite some lines on the back of your business cards
  • Start a street team to pass out poems in your community
  • Distribute bookmarks with your favorite immortal lines
  • Add a poem to your email footer
  • Post a poem on your blog or social networking page
  • Text a poem to friends
  • Tweet a poem using the hashtag  #pocketpoem



have you entered the


just click  HERE  to go to the giveaway post ~  you’ll get all of  the information about what books are being given away and how to enter.

thanks  for  joining  in!


*the giveaway closes at midnight  (12:00am)  Pacific Standard Time USA on the night of  April 30/May 1,  2015.

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featured poets — Claudia Schoenfeld @cmschoenfeld + #giveaway

(inter)national poetry month
April 2015
{ originally posted April 2012 }

featured poets
at my heart’s love songs

Claudia  Schoenfeld

i’m still celebrating the fifth anniversary of  my heart’s love songs  and,  in April,  {inter}National Poetry Month.   i thought it would be fitting to rerun the 2012 featured poet series  which spotlights sixty of  the most creative,  talented,  brilliant  {really!}  poets of  our time.  i have been fortunate over the five years to meet this amazing group of  people through twitter and their blogs.  not only are they writers who excite and enchant and entrance their readers,  they are,  one and all,  nice people who are supportive of  everyone in our online poetry community.  the “age of  technology”  has,  in fact,  facilitated the spread of  the ARTS! ~  poetry,  photography,  art,  prose,  music…   i have friends i have yet to meet face-to-face from all around the world.  day or night,  you can visit their blogs and be transported to another time or place or frame of  mind with just a few clicks of  a mouse.  i find it thrilling!  and i believe you will find it equally thrilling to discover their words.  i will be putting up these posts throughout the month of  April  (and probably into May)  to reacquaint you with old friends and introduce you to new ones.

just click on the  “Read More”  links on each poem to be taken to a new tab or window to read the rest of  the poem on the author’s blog.  if  you enjoy what you read,  please leave a comment on their blog to let them know.  { you don’t have to say you saw them here. }  i am truly honored that these wonderful people agreed to be featured on my blog ~  my gratitude to them all.

and thank you for coming to the celebration ~  enjoy!


featured poet:

Claudia Schoenfeld

Claudia Schoenfeld  { @cmschoenfeld } lives in Germany,  works in Switzerland and lives close enough to France to have a front row seat,  watching their  “quatorze juillet” fireworks.  so she’s used to cross borders and finds it easy to see beauty in other cultures.  Claudia loves thunderstorms,  improvising on her Alto Sax,  biking,  painting and in warm summer nights you sometimes find her sitting on the pavement with a glass of red wine and the mad desire to fly with the passing clouds…   she’s married,  mom of three teenage kids and yep…  published.  Claudia discovered writing poetry in 2010 and since then she has been on a Poetry adventure trail she hopes will never stop unfolding.  ten of Claudia’s poems were published in  Fragments.’  She is a co-founder of  d’Verse ~ Poets Pub.  her blog is  jaywalking the moon.

i was introduced to Claudia and her poetry through One Stop Poetry.  no matter the subject or the form,  Claudia’s writing is  filled with passion and vivid imagery.   i don’t know how many languages she speaks,  but she never gives a hint in her poetry that her native language isn’t English.  oh, and for a real treat,  listen to one {or several} of  her audio recordings of  her poetry.  if  i was a man,  i’d be her slave.  she has been incredibly encouraging of  my writing for which i am very grateful.  in her own words ~

“i’m blazing words & drinking poetry.  join in & we may get a prose fire burning,  set the town on fire & syllable-dance in a snowflake covered yard.  i try to think big and love recklessly…”


BlackBirds    by   claudia

lights dim,
eyes unsteady as
he runs a quivering finger
through the condensation
that fogs up the glass skin
on the bottle of his drink,
…..Read More

via   jaywalking the moon

photograph  by  Tracey Grumbach


the frog part is the worst–     by   claudia

you sit on the far end of the couch
& i could reach you easily–
just have to swim through the
wild humpback whale’s

——–g a p I n g
—————-teeth, put on

my armor & slay half…..Read More

this is truly special ~  a video of  Claudia reading the poem!

via   jaywalking the moon

image  is in the public domain


On (a) Sub_Mission”   by   claudia

dim lights sprinkle dust-breath–
from the dancefloor sways
the scent of fresh plowed soil
& with tender hands you work
the wrinkles on my shirt,
———-we’re lost–

in webs of countless steps
that never matter really but
are pillars to the Now,
sticking closer to your moves, i
shut my eyes to…..Read More

via   jaywalking the moon


still burning   by   claudia

of the night still
clings to me with
all its scents–


warm…..Read More

via   jaywalking the moon

image  available through  Creative Commons License


finishing  school    by   claudia

when we met, there
was this shattered pattern in your eyes,
exactly mirroring mine &

we collapsed into each other,
struggling to break free,
unseen rubber…..Read More

via   jaywalking the moon

vintage image ~  photographer unknown


2012 featured poet at my heart’s love songs


all copyright remains with the authors



have you entered the


just click  HERE  to go to the giveaway post ~  you’ll get all of  the information about what books are being given away and how to enter.

thanks  for  joining  in!


*the giveaway closes at midnight  (12:00am)  Pacific Standard Time USA on the night of  April 30/May 1,  2015.

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·❦· i carry your heart within me ·❦· + #giveaway


· ❦ ·

“i carry your heart with me”
—ee cummings

i carry your heart with me  (i carry it in
my heart)  i am never without it  (anywhere
i go you go,  my dear;  and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,  my darling)

i  fear
no fate  (for you are my fate,  my sweet)  i want
no world  (for beautiful you are my world,  my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;  which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart  (i carry it in my heart)


· ❤ ·

i carry your heart within me

cherishing your sweet surrender

to the ecstasy that is our love

·❦· ❤ ·❦·

❦· ❤ ·❦

·· ❤ ··


“i carry your heart with me”  ee cummings poem sung by The University of  Wisconsin Choir

artwork ~  “i carry your heart with me”   Leah Piken Kolidas
{ used with the artist’s permission }

poem  ~  “i carry your heart with me”   ee cummings
{  fair use }

about the artist ~  Leah Piken Kolidas  is a painter and  mixed media artist creating  “Dream-like,  intuitive,  art to touch your heart and inspire your creative soul.”   her blog  “Creative Every Day”  is not only an outlet  for her own artwork,  but a site where creative people can link in and share their works as well.  in November,  Leah hosts the  “Art Every Day Month (AEDM)”  challenge  {read more HERE}  and 365 days a year the  “Creative Every Day”  challenge  {read about it  HERE.}   what really drew me in is  ~

“Creativity is meant in the broadest sense, so it doesn’t have to be something art related. Your creative acts could be in cooking, taking pictures, knitting, doodling, writing, dancing, decorating, singing, playing with your kids, brainstorming ideas, gardening, or making art in the form of collage, paint, or clay…or whatever!”

Leah is not only an exceptional artist in her own right,  she invests part of  herself  every day inspiring and encouraging creativity in all its forms for any and everyone who wishes to join in.  her generosity is amazing!  It’s not even required that you blog every day or week,  but to consciously be creative in some way every day.  in my opinion,  creativity begets creativity,  no matter what area one is being creative in…   when i bake,  i  sing and dance.  writing poetry makes me want to paint.  sewing allows my mind to wander and form new poems.  if  you link in,  be sure to visit at least a few others to see what they are doing.  you might even find inspiration there.  Leah’s wonderful painting above,  along with the ee cummings’  poem  “i carry your heart with me”  were the inspiration for my poem.  (how could one not be inspired by cummings?)

if  you would like to see more of  Leah’s creations,  visit  Blue Tree Art Gallery  {HERE}  where you can also buy original works of  art,  prints,  greeting cards  and a gorgeous 2014 calendar.

below is a very short description of  this stunning artist ~  you can read more about her  HERE  and   HERE.

“Leah has also worked as a mural artist and a museum manager;  and she has done creative work in graphic and web design.  Besides painting,  she loves reading,  writing,  collecting odds and ends for collages,  animals,  trees,  the moon,  spending time with family and friends,  drinking hot chocolate,  and laughing loudly.  Leah lives near Boston with her husband,  their two children and their three cats.”

originally posted  5 January 2014



have you entered the


just click  HERE  to go to the giveaway post ~  you’ll get all of  the information about what books are being given away and how to enter.

thanks  for  joining  in!


*the giveaway closes at midnight  (12:00am)  Pacific Standard Time USA on the night of  April 30/May 1,  2015.

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