∙϶∙ ЭЄ ∙∙ all by my self ∙∙ ЭЄ ∙ϵ∙




∙ ЭЄ ∙

all  by  my  self

is  this  truly  my  fate?


faced  with  choices
decisions  not  made

which  direction  i’d  go

if   we  don’t  move

f o r w a r d

when  given  the  option

we  are  choosing

to  live  in  the  past


i  listened  to  my  fears
to  risk
that  love  might  succeed

now…     all  by  my  self

regretting  the  roads  not  taken
a  cliché,  but  true

too  late  to  change

the  indecisions  made






∙϶∙ ЭЄ ∙ϵ∙





“All By Myself”   Eric Carmen



originally posted  14 July 2011  { revised slightly }



artwork  ~  “Mary”    Henry Ossawa Tanner
{  public domain }






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