pictures of…

one image ~




one  moment

less  than  a  heartbeat

purporting  to  be  “her”

nothing  more

than  a  sliver  of  the  reality




and  a second ~

∙ Ꮼ ∙

ʚ Ꮼ ɞ

i  don’t need a frame
for a photograph of  you

in my mind’s eye
i  see you smiling
any time i  so desire

flow at will
pictures of  you
time can never erase

you have imprinted yourself
deep within my heart

always and forevermore

∙ʚ ∙ Ꮼ ∙ɞ ∙

ʚ ∙ Ꮼ ∙ɞ

∙∙ Ꮼ ∙∙

“Photograph”    Ed Sheeran



image ~  Zorki 4  { camera }   Brian Eager
{ creative commons license }



this is my submission to ~


Fireblossom Friday:  Picture This    at   imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:  Your title must be  “Pictures of”  (plus whatever you add.)

{ i  had two poems come to me ~ thanks for the inspiration,  SP }

thank you,  Fireblossom!


Poetry Pantry #257    at    Poets United
submit a poem,  old or new

thank you,  Mary!





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21 responses to “pictures of…

  1. I am not a happy snapper of multitudinous photos but there are some that become prize mementos of precious moments otherwise lost to time.

    I like both your pieces – they make me think.

  2. Filled with the deepest love :)

  3. in my mind’s eye
    i see you smiling
    any time i so desire

    This is such a romantic piece! Beautifully penned :D

    Lots of love,

  4. X

    Just a glimpse – a ghost, of what was or could be.

  5. That is where the best pictures lie. Good one, dani!

  6. Beautiful post to mark your return dani ♥ you have been missed.

  7. “a sliver of the reality”–that is a perfect line to describe what a photograph captures…definitely not the whole truth….just a small sliver. Yes!

  8. Doubly perfect, SP! I’m so glad you decided to write for my challenge!!!

  9. i don’t need a frame
    for a photograph of you

    love that, Dani. So true.

  10. That is so sweet, Dani. A timeless poem that I can hear playing in my ears like a song of an aging heart that never fails to see & feel love to his/her dear one. Thank you for the poem!

  11. How true. I still hold dear to me many relatives and friends in my past that I do not have photos of but the memory is still as vivid at a photograph.

  12. Two pieces which compliment and contrast each other know someone truly you don’t need a ‘snapshot’ – because you know them so much better than that fleeting image – beautifully written

  13. Oh yes, the memories are so much more real than those snapshots that seem to fill reality.. But just that single picture is still needed.

  14. Indeed those memories are beautiful ‘pictures,’ and we can replay them as we wish, and the imprints that they make never dull with the passing of time.

  15. aha…the best place to keep to be cherished forever…love the contrast…

  16. Helen

    Double the pleasure ~~ Happy Sunday!

  17. Susan

    Compared to what we carry inside, that instant of photograph is puny. The song is very fine too. Love hurts and love heals,it doesn’t freeze and it doesn’t need pockets!

  18. There are moments and people that we never need to remember in photos…they live in our hearts and minds forever….such truth in your poem!

  19. I really liked the second one.

  20. Cameras are great, but memories of a loved one are the best pictures. Enjoyed reading your poems.

  21. Sometimes we don’t need a photograph of a loved one…sweet Dani ~

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