∙ • Ꮼ • ɞ ∙ hold me ∙ ʚ • Ꮼ • ∙


∙ Ꮼ ∙

• Ꮼ •

will  you  hold  me,  please

wrap  your  body  around  mine

keep  me  safe  and  warm

∙ ʚ • Ꮼ • ɞ ∙

ʚ • Ꮼ • ɞ

• Ꮼ •

∙ Ꮼ ∙

love  this  version  ~

“Hold Me,  Thrill Me,  Kiss Me”    She  &  Him



originally  posted  17 February 2010
this is a poem i  first tweeted,  then posted  17 Feb. 2010,  just a few days after starting this blog.



artwork ~   “Nude Couple Embracing”   Edward Burne-Jones
{ public domain }







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3 responses to “∙ • Ꮼ • ɞ ∙ hold me ∙ ʚ • Ꮼ • ∙

  1. X

    In the arms of our love,
    we find all our basic needs met.

    Hopefully, at least.

  2. Love the sentiments here, Dani! How cool that this was one of your early poems.

  3. Impressive that this is your first poem, you’re a true poetic genius dear Dani ! And happy 5 aniversary, it so amazing that you’ve been inspiring and spreading emotional poems, songs and lyrics – I love you for that:-) Hope you’re having a feel-good time and enjoy yr weekend! Big hug, Mette

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