∞ҩ§ҩ∞ siempre quiero más ~ i always want more




siempre quiero más ~
i  always want more

one glance cannot tell you
all that my heart has to say

one kiss does not come close
to satisfying my hunger

one dance is not enough time
to spend in your embrace

even if  we have an eternity
i will never get enough of  you

siempre quiero más ~
i  always want more





this song inspired the poem ~

“Pa’ Bailar ~ Siempre Quiero Más”   Bajofondo ft.  Julieta Venegas
( I Always Want More )  lyrics onscreen in Spanish and English

artwork ~   Blek le Rat – “Last Tango in Paris”
{ creative commons license }

this is my submission to ~

Poetry Pantry #251    at    Poets United
submit a new or old poem

thank you,  Mary



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21 responses to “∞ҩ§ҩ∞ siempre quiero más ~ i always want more

  1. hmmmm.. nice… if we tasted something good we want again and again… love me a good dance… i would love to learn tango…

  2. This is not the sweet love but the passionate hunger of midnight. It is always great to have another language mingling with your words

  3. in Hinglish (Hindi + English) we say Dil (heart) Mange(wants) more…wowzers!!

  4. Perhaps it is good to be left waiting for more…therein lies the fire and passion! Got my pulse racing for sure..maybe a nice cup of tea now :)

  5. Love dies if you don’t want more. I’m hungry all the time!

  6. This is absolutely exquisite :D
    Happy Mother’s Day! :D

  7. Such a romantic piece!!

  8. I’m dancing with these ideas … I would like to feel satisfied, not always hungry for more … and yet, never so satisfied that I wouldn’t want more … and so, yes. A delightful conundrum.

  9. I feel the passion in this poem, Dani. May life yield one dance after another!

  10. gracias mi amigo. resonates fo the latino passion i grew up with.

  11. totomai

    that is indeed the power of love. the desire never ends, it continues until forever.

  12. dani-this is stunning~ I love the way you captured love as a dance-so true!
    I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day @>———–
    and love dances in your heart and blooms with sentiment-today and always~

  13. hypercryptical

    Love is a wonderful thing and I always want/need more too!
    Anna :o]

  14. ZQ

    Well written.
    I have never expected more but have been loved, greater than a time before. :-)

  15. Lovely to feel that way! Makes for a happy spring.

  16. Such a love leaving us wanting more…..

  17. Sweet and romantic Dani ~ Hope you are well ~

  18. Brother Ollie

    Romance at its best!

  19. Love the passion in your words, and title – my favorite- “I always want more” !

  20. Great poem, I could feel the music in your words.

  21. Through your words, the reader can feel the insatiable hunger.

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