∙ϫ∙ ϔ ∙∙ stairway to heaven ∙∙ ϔ ∙ϫ∙



∙ ϔ ∙

i will tell you a story
of  what  might  be…

since the beginning of  Time
and the Universe and all Life…

{ whether created by a Big Bang or
God or Goddess or YHWH or Allah

or  whatever you believe }

…since The Beginning
there has been Good and Evil

i would like to imagine there is a Heaven
…or many Heavens…
where we can go after death,
be forgiven for our sins
and reunited with loved ones

what  i  KNOW is that on Earth
there is Goodness in every living thing

and  that  Goodness
deserves to be respected

the Goodness in each of  us grows
when we encourage and foster it in others

maybe it is a tiny piece of  The Creator
perhaps it is the Spark of  Life
or it could be our Soul

do the differences in how we describe all of  this really matter?
isn’t it Goodness at the deepest level whatever we name it?

Evil also exists on Earth
sometimes it overpowers Goodness
but it can never eliminate it completely
just as it is impossible to eradicate Evil

does that make it any less important to hold onto Hope?
to strive to nurture Goodness in ourselves and others?
or does it make it all the more crucial?

agree or deny
you will  be faced
with Goodness and with Evil

the journey through our time on Earth
can only be enhanced
by fighting on the side of  Good
whether we survive in some fashion
after our bodies die
or if  that is truly the end

do not give in to the temptations of  Evil
but if  you do,  try again

let the Goodness shine out from you

∙ϫ∙ ϔ ∙ϫ∙

ϫ∙ ϔ ∙ϫ

∙ ϔ ∙


“Stairway to Heaven”   Led Zeppelin



image ~   “Staircase in black and white”   Tony Hisgett
{ some rights reserved }   ahisgett’s flickr photostream



originally posted  5 December 2012






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One response to “∙ϫ∙ ϔ ∙∙ stairway to heaven ∙∙ ϔ ∙ϫ∙

  1. This is awe-inspiring…! Each verse oozes perfection <3
    Thanks for stopping by to read my haiku :)
    Lots of love

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