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the following is a reblog about  The Hope Notes Project  by Dele Olanubi ~

First,  please read  Be A Light In The Dark,  if you haven’t already.  Thank you!

If you have,  let’s talk about  The Hope Notes Project.  It’s an idea that came to me as a way to spread some hope in an easy to do way.  I’ve always believed that if a person has hope they can and will overcome anything and everything life throws at them.  Hope is such a powerful inner force because it gives us the strength and willpower to keep trying and fighting for our better days,  for a better life.  Hope saves lives,  and with this project my dream is to save,  heal,  and inspire lives by giving people a daily dose of hope.  I believe we all could use a little more hope in our lives!

What is a hope note?  A hope note is basically a  “note”  with a message that is  positive,  inspiring,  comforting,  uplifting,  motivating,  and most of all  hope inducing.  A hope note can utilize quotes,  lyrics,  poetry,  photography,  and bible verses that you feel will give people hope.  It can be something you’ve written,  something I’ve written,  something you’ve read or heard that gave you hope.  You can leave your hope notes anywhere you go during your daily life;  school,  work,  restrooms,  coffee shops,  restaurants,  buses,  bookstores,  the gym,  Starbucks  :)  …anywhere and anytime you have a chance to leave a hope note please do it!

The goal is to make a positive difference in the world around you by finding something or someone that gives you hope and passing that message of hope to anyone that comes across your hope note.  I call this The Hope Chain.  A chain where we are all linked by the hope we’ve given to each other and received by each other.

Format:  A hope note can be shaped in any form.  It can be a postcard,  notecard,  post-it,  photo,  collage… etc.  It can be handmade,  written,  printed… etc.  How you shape your hope note depends on you.  Be creative!  The more effort and heart you put into your note the better.  Personalize it so that the receiver can feel the hope you have for them when they read your hope note.

Delivery:  You can leave your hope notes to be found by whoever stumbles upon it,  or you can give your hope notes to friends,  family,  classmates,  teachers,  coworkers,  strangers — anyone you feel needs a boost of hope.  Believe me,  your little act of kindness will make their day so much brighter!

Credit:  At the bottom of your hope note put the author of the quote.  Also put The Hope Notes Project,  that represents you,  and the hope movement we are all a part of  :)!!!

Link:  bealightinthedark.com

Represent:  I’d love to see you being a light in the dark so send photos of your hope notes.  If you’ve received a hope note send your photos and stories  :)!  Represent!!!!

One person can make a positive difference in this world.  One person can change another person’s life for the better.  One person can make someones whole day brighter.  One person can give another person lasting hope.  Be that one person for someone.

Words can scar.  Words can heal.  My hope is that we choose to use our words,  our hearts,  and our lives to heal,  to comfort,  to help,  to give hope,  and to make a positive difference in our world.

Let’s spread hope across this world one hope note at a time!!!

~~Acoustic Imagery~~

Note:  Examples of hope notes will be coming soon:)!!!

***Please feel free to reblog this post and spread the word about this project.

I’d be so thankful!!!

Everybody can be great because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.

~ Martin Luther King


{ i  feel this is a wonderful idea that will bring a smile to both the giver and the receiver of  the note.  the world needs hope right now. }


image  ~   “The Seashore Book, Page 21”   E. Boyd Smith
{  public domain }



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