∙∙⋩••⌘••∙∙ imagination ∙∙••⌘••⋨∙∙ + #giveaway



•• imagination ••

an elusive illusion

of  reality




“Imagine”   John Lennon



originally posted  20 February 2012



this was prompted in part by  ~


In Tandem #11
prompt:  the image above by  Penny Smith  aka  Jinksy   at   In Tandem
{ stunning,  Jinksy!  thank you for sharing. }



this is my submission to ~


Poetry Pantry #249     at     Poets United
submit a new or old poem

thank you,  Mary!






have you entered the



just click  HERE  to go to the giveaway post ~  you’ll get all of  the information about what books are being given away and how to enter.

thanks  for  joining  in!



*the giveaway closes at midnight  (12:00am)  Pacific Standard Time USA on the night of  April 30/May 1,  2015.





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16 responses to “∙∙⋩••⌘••∙∙ imagination ∙∙••⌘••⋨∙∙ + #giveaway

  1. perfectly penned….and we seek that illusion so often for it is a blissful state.

  2. I like the illusion part of imagination .. Many times we never wish it to come true,

  3. This is so absolutely beautiful… penned with perfection :D

  4. and this illusion has so much happiness………..even though for a shortwhile

  5. This is very well expressed!

  6. Yes, that is true indeed!

  7. an elusive illusion
    of reality…. i like… that is a cool definitiion for sure..
    have a lovely sunday dani – and good to see you…

  8. scotthastiepoet

    Like the blend of what you’ve done here,.. Very telling… With Best Wishes scott http://www.scotthastie.com

  9. I would agree with that assessment for sure!

  10. ZQ

    Another wonderful visit to your site.

  11. totomai

    we continue to imagine things even the impossible. that’s our only chance to fulfill our dreams.

  12. A lovely haiku and thoughtful post. A lot to ponder on, here.

  13. How beautifully penned. One of humanities better traits is the hope and imagination of better times.

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