the poetry of the human body ~ (inter)national poetry month April 2015 + #giveaway

“Woman Putting on Her Stocking” Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

(inter)national poetry month
April 2015

 nothing but art…

classic nudes

the poetry of  the human body

◄ ✥ ►

“The Rainbow” Dante Gabriel Rossetti

“And the Gold of Their Bodies” Paul Gauguin


“The Study of Adam” Michelangelo

“Eve” Raphael Kirchner

“Danae” Gustav Klimt

“Sorrow” Vincent van Gogh

“Bacchante” Louise Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun

“Standing nude with Garden Background” Amedeo Modigliani

“The proportions of the human figure (The Vitruvian Man)” Leonardo da Vinci

“Reclining Nude” Pierre-Auguste Renoir

“Reclining Nude” Ilya Mashkov

“Nudism” Vsevolod Maksymovych

{ all artwork is in the public domain }




 have you entered the


just click  HERE  to go to the giveaway post ~  you’ll get all of  the information about what books are being given away and how to enter.

thanks  for  joining  in!


*the giveaway closes at midnight  (12:00am)  Pacific Standard Time USA on the night of  April 30/May 1,  2015.


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