❧❦ giving ❦❧


you gave me your heart

placed it gently next to mine…..

i knew you loved me


i knew you loved me

from the look in your eyes    ….so

i gave you my Love


i gave you my Love…

smiling, you said Love was why

you gave me your heart


“If  I Give My Heart To You”    Nat King Cole 

originally posted  23 February 2012

artwork  ~   “Cupid and Psyche”  Annie Swynnerton  1891
public domain }

this is my submission to ~

Poetry Pantry #244    at    Poets United
submit a new or old poem

thank you,  Mary

this was originally prompted by ~

The Haiku Challenge   at   Few Miles
Day 23  prompt:   Theme ~ Joy of  giving

Form ~   ABC,  CDE,  EFA

thank you Someone is Special for hosting the challenge!



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13 responses to “❧❦ giving ❦❧

  1. A beautiful expression of reciprocal love, Dani!

  2. How complex an interaction love can be…hopefully it is always worth the compromise

  3. I like the ‘”logic” in this, the progression of a giving, reciprocal love. Each haiku can stand alone.

  4. I like the way you switched up the lines in each stanza. What a gorgeous painting of Cupid and Psyche!

  5. Very sweet and romantic Dani ~

  6. Hello there,
    What an exquisite piece of work! Inspired..!

  7. “If I give my heart to you” – assuming the responsibilities too… :)x

  8. Oh the sweetness of mutual love. You have worked well with the cascade

  9. totomai

    a promise of love. so delicately and sincerely written

  10. oh the promise of love so like spring – radiant

  11. a beautiful cascade of love….

  12. I like the circular nature to this….how it ends where it began. Lovely.

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