•Ꮡ• • insomniac • •Ꮡ•

Definition of  INSOMNIA

: prolonged and usually abnormal inability to get enough sleep

in·som·ni·ac  -nē-ˌakadjective or noun

Origin of  INSOMNIA

Latin, from insomnis sleepless, from in- + somnus sleep
First Known Use: circa 1623

• Ꮬ •

i won’t sleep
you can’t make me

i can’t sleep
if  i wanna be free

i don’t sleep
cuz of  what i see

i shan’t sleep
oh,  fiddle dee dee

• Ꮬ •

the voice i listen to
is oh,  so loud

always screamin’
defiant and proud

i can’t see
beneath his shroud

i yell back ~ you’re
dis – allowed

dis – avowed

dis – aloud

• Ꮬ •

i quail
i wail
i flail

to no avail

he’s on a quest
for his holy grail

hammering in

that last

coffin nail

• Ꮬ •

“sleep”  he urges me
“dream away

you won’t miss
the light of  day

the past is never gone

 you have to pay

 you have to pay”


but pay for what




• Ꮬ •

over and over each night
so apropos

dragging a suitcasefull of  sins
from long ago

where’s  it come from?
where’s  it go?

how am i


to know?

• Ꮬ •

he treats me
like his personal chattel

i try to pretend
all he says is just prattle

but i believe
we’re in a pitched battle

i wish i were


in Seattle

• Ꮬ •

a bare bulb
my only light

i run and run
’til he’s out of sight

i don’t have the energy
to put up a fight

i can’t believe

that it’s

still night

• Ꮬ •


… i stop

to the hardwood floor

… i drop

deciding to open the suitcase

 … i pull up the top


and now i see

that it was

just a prop

• Ꮬ •

and then i awake…
to reality

to life
in its actuality

to my life
with its abnormality

in all its amorality

•Ꮡ• Ꮬ •Ꮡ•

• Ꮬ •

“Dream On”   Aerosmith

originally posted  7 September 2011


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