∙ఱ∙ •ౡ• ∙∙ secrets and lies ∙∙ •ౡ• ∙ఱ∙

∙ ౡ ∙

• ౡ •

i  wake each dawn exposed
stripped of  all pretense
anyone would see what  i am
thus i  must ever sleep alone

i  step outside my door
wrapped in deception’s raiment
allowing no one
to glimpse
the naked truth of  me

should you look too long
i  gather my illusions tight around me
reflecting that which you think i  should be
clothed in nothing but fantasy

my dress of  false conformity
leggings woven out of  secrets and lies
shoes shiny with your expectations
a sparkling necklace of  insincerity

if  i  should meet someone
who can ignore my desperate conjuring
yet still smile and reach for my hand
i  will finally become
the me  i was meant to be

∙ఱ∙ •ౡ• ∙ఱ∙

ఱ •ౡ• ఱ

∙ •ౡ• ∙


“Secrets”   One Republic

artwork ~    “Woman with umbrella. The Parisian”    Robert Delaunay
{  public domain }

originally posted  24 January 2014  { revised slightly }

prompted by ~

Fireblossom Friday:  Clothes Make the Woman!    at    imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:   write a new poem in which clothes play a significant part

thank you,  Fireblossom!

this is my submission to ~

Poetry Pantry #242    at    Poets United
submit a new or old poem

thank you,  Mary


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