· ᚮ ᛫ᛥ᛫ · shadow of the raven · ᛫ᛥ᛫ ᚭ · ∙



“fear not for the future
weep not for the past”

the only advice my mother ever gave me…..
if  she had known what i would do in the future
she would surely have wept

as young as four
i radiated a charisma
heralded as divine
i followed my intuition
never seeking permission

i prayed with wolves
to grant faith and understanding to humanity
i consulted with ravens
about omens and mysteries
i felt no need to conceal my actions

my father dismissed my beliefs as fantasy
my mother pretended nothing was amiss
some were certain it was deception or at least delusion
there were those who whispered it was daemonic
others worshipped me as though i were a god

indifferent to them all
i immersed myself  in the arcana of  the universe
until i understood my purpose

then i bade the ravens fly around the world
to gather every shadow,  high and low

having no choice but to accede to my destiny
i swallowed the shadows brought to me
including those belonging to the ravens
until the darkness disappeared
and me with it
leaving the earth in light forevermore

· ᚮ ᛫ᛥ᛫ ᚭ ·

ᚮ ᛫ᛥ᛫ ᚭ



Edgar Allan Poe’s  “The Raven”  read by James Earl Jones

originally posted 3 February 2013 ~ this was one of  the top  five most viewed posts in 2013

read the poem  “The Raven”  by Edgar Allan Poe  HERE

artwork ~   “Woman with raven”   Pablo Picasso
{  fair use }

go  HERE  for a very biased essay on the symbolism of  ravens
including many Native Americans’  belief  that ravens are the bringers of  light

and  HERE  for the symbolism of  wolves including representing deep faith


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