·•·ϔ·•· person·if·i·cat·ion of the sea ·•·ϔ·•·



• ·ϔ· •

Searching my heart for its true sorrow,
This is the thing I find to be:
That  I am weary of  words and people,
Sick of the city,  wanting the sea.

Imagine,  if  you will,  that I  am speaking to you in a language you understand.  Hear me in the waves lapping upon the shore.  Hold a seashell to your ear ~ close your eyes and listen for I will be there.  I am all water on this Earth.  You call me many names ~ oceans,  seas,  rivers and lakes;  ponds and streams and brooks.  The name matters not,  all water ~ even rain…   even ice ~ is me.  I  run through your body and the bodies of  all creatures and growing things.  I am everywhere there is life.

Wanting the sticky,  salty sweetness
Of   the strong wind and shattered spray;
Wanting the loud sound and the soft sound
Of  the big surf  that breaks all day.

You ask how can this be?  That I am everywhere…   the depth and breadth of  my mighty oceans is greater than you can imagine.  The wind assists me in my travels.  The moon carries me back and forth upon the shores.  The force you call gravity draws the rain from the clouds back to my breast.  The rivers run to me ~ their divine being.   I am a force above all others.  I can be gentle and life-giving or I can be cruel and terrifying.  I am.

Always  I climbed the wave at morning,
Shook the sand  from my shoes at night,
That now am caught beneath great buildings,
Stricken with noise,  confused with light.

As I run through you,  so I call to you.  Atop the highest mountain,  amid the driest desert,  in the heat or in the cold,  in the dark of  night or light of  day ~ always I call to you.  Your need for me is deep within the race-memories of  your cells.  I was here for millions of  years before life was formed in the dark of  my belly.  Tiny amoebas,  bacteria,  algae,  plants,  fish,  reptiles.  Eventually some bored of  me and crawled out upon the land and breathed the air and forgot where they were birthed.  But,  always,  I remain a part of  you.

If  I could see the weedy mussels
Crusting the wrecked and rotting hulls,
Hear once again the hungry crying
Overhead,  of  the wheeling gulls.

You cannot live without me.  Nothing can live without me.  I do not say this pridefully,  it is simply fact.  Whether you are a creature of  the land,  the sea or the air;  you must have water to survive.  And I must have you to feel complete.  Though there are innumerable differences between us,  there are also molecules that we share.  You may think I do not live but how can you say I am not alive when every living being is made in part by the mystical,  magical molecules that form me?  Life came from within me no matter what your form.  Call it what you will ~ science,  creation,  magic  or miracle.

I should be happy, — that was happy
All day long on the coast of  Maine!
I have a need to hold and handle
Shells and anchors and ships again!

I shall tell you what I think then you decide…  I remain a part of  you.  I call to your very soul from every tide…  every wave…  every drop of  rain.  Because we all have the divine spark within us that connects us throughout time and space.  I gave birth to you and gifted you with a part of  me.  We cannot escape one another.  I do not wish to part from you and I don’t believe you wish to part from me.  We are.  And we are blessed.

• ɤ · ϔ · ɤ •

ɤ · ϔ · ɤ

· ϔ ·


“Oceans”   Pearl Jam



the form  { i hope } is a type of  prose-poetry,  interspersing the poetry of  Edna St. Vincent Millay  through my prose,  or story-telling.  many thanks to Anna Montgomery for her  prompt at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.  i also wish to thank  Julie  at  We Write Poems  for her prompt  to write a  persona poem,  from the point of  view of  someone or something other than myself.

i used some,  but not all,  of  Edna St. Vincents’  poem  “Exiled”  which you can read in its entirety HERE.  there is also a bio  HERE.



image ~  “Rime of  the sea”   TempestasRex on deviantART


originally posted  5 October 2012



prompted by  ~


Meeting the Bar: Postmodern (Prose)    at    dVerse ~ Poets Pub
prompt:    write a prose-poem or incorporate passages of  prose into your poem

thank you,  Anna!


Prompt #126 Your Masquerade Party   at    We Write Poems

prompt:   write a persona poem,  also called mask poems.  { they are written from a perspective other than one’s own.  Whether it’s a friend,  enemy,  relative,  pet,  inanimate object,  historical figure or someone completely fictionalized,  think and write as if  you were the other character,  bringing them to life and capturing their world.  Wearing their  “costume”  gives you permission to step out of  your comfort zone and change your style,  tone and perspective. }

thank you,  Julie!






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  1. I like this where you interspersed your work with another’s work.

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