Leonard Nimoy ~ Live Long & Prosper




the world has lost Leonard Nimoy

who was so much more than just Mr. Spock

an icon for multiple generations

actor,  director  (including “Three Men And A Baby”)

author,  photographer,  singer

soldier,  father,  husband

the man who created the Vulcan hand sign for live long and prosper

which is iconic in itself

Mr. Nimoy did live long and prospered

though his life was not nearly long enough

not nearly

rest in peace





“Highly Illogical”   Leonard Nimoy  from his album  “Mr. Spock’s Music From Outer Space”



image  ~  “I am not SPOCK”  by Leonard Nimoy
{ autobiographies,  available on amazon.com  HERE  as well as  “I AM SPOCK” HERE  }  i receive no compensation  for sales of  his books







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3 responses to “Leonard Nimoy ~ Live Long & Prosper

  1. it is just so heartbreaking the icons we have lost in recent years. Between Nimoy and Robin Williams we have lost two great people. Your words are a great tribute.

  2. Mr Spock kept the series alive. Wonderful memories of yester years and you’ve given a great tribute!


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