· ১ · as quiet as a summer cloud · ৎ ·

˚ ৩ ˚

· ৩ ·

i  stand quite still
a silent fog
in need of  a mountain
to wrap  ’round
lost in circumspection


i  wander reluctantly
unable to decide…
which direction should  i go?

a summer cloud
quietly drifting
across the ocean


i  rush forward blindly,
bravely,  into the future
a thunderstorm
loudly proclaiming  “i am here”
casting lightning bolts
by which to see

at last in motion

˚ ৩ ˚

· ˚ ৩ ˚ ·

১ · ˚ ৩ ˚ · ৎ

this recording is from 2000 ~ i feel Mitchell’s voice is much richer~

“Both Sides Now”    Joni Mitchell

artwork ~   “Antibes, The Pink Cloud”   Paul Signac
{  public domain }

i  wish to thank my friend and  fellow poet,  Ainsley Allmark,  for his assistance with this poem.  his suggestions made all the difference in the  final version.  you can  find his poetry and photography at  Dolphin Muse  and  Dolphin Visions  or any of  the other Dolphin links in the blogroll at the bottom of  the page.

i am participating in ~

Prompt No. 5:  Fog;   Form:  Elegy;   Device: Metaphor
and Part of  Prompt No. 10:   Future
for   Writing 201:   Poetry!
Blogging University   Presented by
The Daily Post
on WordPress.com

i  used  fog as a metaphor in the  first verse,  hopefully used metaphors in all three verses,  and mentioned the  future in the  final verse.  i did not attempt the elegy as i have  found that if  i am not inspired by a  “form”  the harder  i try to achieve it,  the worse my poem becomes.  i am still behind with prompts and devices,  as well.  if  i am able to manage any of  the  forms,  i will do so,  but that is not my strength.  though  Writing 201:   Poetry!   has officially ended,  i  am going to  finish what i can.

this is my submission to  ~

Open Link Night — Celebrating Poetry!!!    at    dVerse ~ Poets Pub
submit a new or old poem

thank you,  Brian & Claudia for all you’ve done!

Poetry Pantry #241    at    Poets United
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thank you,  Mary



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17 responses to “· ১ · as quiet as a summer cloud · ৎ ·

  1. I was honoured to see an early draft and felt it to be really good.
    I now see the final version and it is even better.
    Thank you dani ♥ for sharing your Lovely poem.

    And incidentally, I also like the early Joni Mitchell.

    • thank you for all of your input on the poem Ainsley ~ it is so much the better for it. {and i like the early Joni Mitchell too ~ that’s what i was searching for when i happened across this version and thought it was lovely.}

  2. i think we can learn a bit from the clouds when it comes to just let us drift with the wind a bit… leaning in to where it leads… and don’t worry too much about thunderstorms – they come and go…smiles

  3. I love the perspective .. to write from being a cloud.. a wonderful thought Especially the first thought of being a fog encircling the mountain. .. :-)

  4. I think you have captured the perspective of the cloud in an extremely effective way. I like the last stanza especially & the mention of lightning bolts.

  5. Both sides–the wanderer and the intentional storm–are beautiful in their own way. I love it when the clouds speak, when they insist on being clouds and not symbols for human consumption. But I also love the Joni Mitchell song. Thanks!

  6. I love the idea of being a summer cloud drifting across the ocean.

  7. I love the imagery of being ‘in need of a mountain to wrap ’round’–just so vivid.

  8. SláRueb

    Wandering aimlessly gathering it all in until that moment when you find your place. Nice!

  9. As a cloud, I wouldn’t know where to go to ~ Enjoyed the perspective dani ~ Hope you are well ~

  10. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade)

    You made me feel I was the cloud.

  11. i love the image of fog in NEED of wrapping a mountain…a bit ambitious but beautiful…

  12. I am here…said loudly or softly…it is a good thing to proclaim

  13. Lovely Dani – I have always been inspired by that poem and never fly somewhere that it doesn’t pop into my head. There is such a down comforty feel to that blanket beneath as though one would always land lightly if one fell. This take, of course, is entirely different exploring that ruminating period of softness, of undeveloped purpose before one finally and does take action. Quite brilliant.

  14. Well I meant to say “song” Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell, but of course it is a poem.

  15. A very strong poem the growth and change is very well demonstrated.

  16. I do like this. I have a fascination with clouds and blue sky. Including the music of Joni was a great addition. Being a cloud…that is a pleasurable thought.

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