∙ȶ∙₰∙∙∙ fascination ∙∙∙₰∙ȶ∙

∙ ₰ ∙

we made iced coffees
and croissants with goat cheese and raspberry  jam
we ate on the balcony at the little table that let our knees touch

the birdsong our private symphony
you laughed at how i  pronounced chèvre
then said you adored me as i  blushed

even after all this time
the  fascination
still part of  the love

reaching out,  i  touched your cheek
you kissed my palm
we left the remains of  breakfast  for the birds

∙ȶ∙  ₰  ∙ȶ∙

ȶ ∙ ₰ ∙ ȶ

∙ ₰ ∙

i love this video ~

“Fascination”   André Rieu   { from “Love in the Afternoon }

“Fascination”   Nat King Cole

*chèvre ~ ( from the French  for goat )  is cheese made out of  the milk of  goats.

originally posted  21 June 2012

artwork   ~   “Pink Roses”   Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
{  public domain }

“Fascination”   André Rieu   { from “Love in the Afternoon }

“Fascination”  is a 1904 waltz song with music popularized in the 1957 movie  ‘Love in the Afternoon’  starring Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper. The song was recorded by Jane Morgan and became her signature song.  It was also recorded by Dinah Shore,  Dick Jacobs,  Nat King Cole,  Earl Grant and David Carroll.

lyrics ~

It was fascination,  I know
And it might have ended right then at the start
Just a passing glance,  just a brief romance
And I might have gone on my way empty-hearted

It was fascination,  I know
Seeing you alone with the moonlight above
Then I touched your hand and next moment I kissed you
Fascination turned to love


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One response to “∙ȶ∙₰∙∙∙ fascination ∙∙∙₰∙ȶ∙

  1. what a beautiful scene…lovely…touching…
    and enduring love is a wonderful thing….

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