∙ •Ѡ• ɛ∙ faith ∙ɜ •Ѡ• ∙



• Ѡ •

losing faith in my ability,  my reliability

feeling hostility at the weight of  responsibility

living with fragility and futility

seeing the impossibility,  the lack of  capability

wanting nothing more than invisibility

∙ɜ •Ѡ• ɛ∙

ɜ •Ѡ• ɛ

∙ •Ѡ• ∙


“I  Believe”   Fantasia Barrino



artwork ~   “Allegory of  Faith”   Tintoretto
{  public domain }



i am participating in ~


Prompt No. 3:  Trust;   Form:  Acrostic;   Device: Internal Rhyme
for   Writing 201:   Poetry!
Blogging University Presented by
The Daily Post
on WordPress.com

i  wrote about losing trust  (faith)  in oneself  using both internal rhyme and end of  line rhyming.  i  always struggle with rhyming and decided to focus on that rather than adding the element of  the acrostic  form as well.  i  hope to achieve the  form  for at least some of  the  future prompts.

firm belief in the reliability,  truth,  ability or strength of someone or something
“relations have to be built on trust”
synonyms:  confidence,  belief,  faith,  certainty,  assurance,  conviction,  credence,  reliance






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One response to “∙ •Ѡ• ɛ∙ faith ∙ɜ •Ѡ• ∙

  1. sometimes, invisibility is easier than responsibility for sure
    but it will always be there waiting when we reappear…

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