rain ᵟ drops


through the empty streets at night


raindrops hit the roof


as sharp as accusations

hurled at an innocent heart

“Who’ll Stop The Rain?”   Creedence Clearwater Revival

image by Catherine Arveseth
{  photobucket ~ ck_arveseth }

i am participating in ~

Prompt No. 1:  Water;   Form:  Haiku (or Tanka);   Device:  Simile
for   Writing 201:   Poetry!
Blogging University Presented by
The Daily Post
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4 responses to “rain ᵟ drops

  1. dang….that last stanza sneaks up on you….
    love the artistry in making the raindrops as well…

  2. Deanne

    This is amazing and the last two lines really shock me…
    Awesome writing :-)

  3. This is lovely. I read it out loud, and the contrast in those sharp last two lines is very effective. Well crafted.

  4. This gives me a real sense of really loud fat raindrops, the kind that make such a loud noise they invade your brain… nice imagery.

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