.Ɣ.. has anyone seen my muse? ..Ɣ.

. Ɣ .



has anyone seen my muse?


he disappears for days at a time
doesn’t call to say he’s okay
or when he’ll be home

i know he’s out painting the town red
’cause he tracks the paint all over the floor
inconsiderate prat


when he does show up
it’s like a kamikaze attack ~
only it’s my suicide he plans
never his,  oh no!


i’ll sit at the keyboard
desperately begging him to appear
but the silence only deepens

he won’t come back when i ask


he waits until i’m almost asleep
or driving down the freeway
or in the shower
with shampoo in my eyes


then  he demands attention


“write the words down now!
or i’ll take them away!”

never to be remembered again


it might be easier to take
if  he was off  helping others
but that’s not his style

he meets a friend of  mine’s muse
at bars and whorehouses
committing acts of  debauchery


while i sit alone with my laptop
trying too hard
to be wild or witty


but without him

i run out of  wo….





“Uprising”   Muse

my muse is staging his own private uprising cuz he feels  ‘disrespected’  ….as if  i give a fuck!  i mean,  it’s his job,  right?



originally posted  22 March 2011



image  ~    “Inkwell and pen”  by  Orrling
{ creative common license }





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One response to “.Ɣ.. has anyone seen my muse? ..Ɣ.

  1. I saw him! he got hung up at airport security!

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