·Ꭷ· •Ꮼ• ·Ꭷ· is love alive?

·· •Ꮼ• ··

·· Ꮼ ··

is love alive?

in spring
when newborn tendrils struggle
to find their way through cold earth

in summer
when the sun’s lips brush across open blossoms
hot,  like a lover’s kiss

in autumn
when leaves become weary and fall
onto the ground so hard

in winter
when all becomes quiet
within the snow’s embrace

our love
defies the seasons



·· •Ꮼ• ··

Ꭷ •Ꮼ• Ꭷ

·Ꭷ· •Ꮼ• ·Ꭷ·

i  listened to this song while writing and was inspired by the line “is love alive” ~

“Winter Song”    Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson

artwork ~  “Winter (VI)”   Mikalojus Ciurlionis
{  public domain }

this is my submission to ~

Fireblossom Friday:  Winter    at    imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:   write something related to winter in some way but about human emotion

thank you,  Fireblossom!



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10 responses to “·Ꭷ· •Ꮼ• ·Ꭷ· is love alive?

  1. Ah.. every season has their positive aspect of love.. what a upliifting poem to read.

  2. Love is a thing for all seasons, indeed. I love the weary leaves–so well-expressed. Good to see you making the rounds again, Dani.

  3. Love ~ not only alive but ever growing ♥

    Thank you dani ♥ for sharing this Beautiful poem.

  4. This is such a cool poem, SP. I especially love the summer stanza. Taken together with the music (how do you keep finding such cool songs?) this is one of your coolest posts ever!

  5. It’s been a while since I read one of your poems and this one is just perfect: love should be immune to the seasonal changes.

  6. First of all I like the picture… I can see why you were inspired by ” is love alive”, and I love the ending!!!!

  7. Love, I love love that enters and emerges from every landscape. The picture, the song, the words–match beautifully.

  8. Defies, yes — and for that, for some odd reason, deifies. Love is citizen of all seasons, sums them all. Nice.

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