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you have probably noticed that  i’ve been re-posting a lot of  my earlier poems and prose.  February 12th will be my heart’s love songs 5th birthday!  i never in a million years could have imagined having a blog for this long ~ or having a blog at all,  for that matter.  i wrote my first poem  (a haiku ~ sorry Fireblossom)  in January 2010 on Twitter.  the only reason i  started a blog was to have some place to write poetry because i  figured my twitter friends must be getting sick of  it by then.  amazingly,  other people came to visit.

i  don’t write new poetry or prose very often anymore.  { i’m sure my muse is out getting drunk or high or both! }  in a nostalgic mood,  i  looked up the most viewed posts throughout the five years.  i  realized that they,  and some of  my personal favorites,  had not been seen in two or three or even five years.  so i  am reposting them throughout January and February and probably into March as well ( hopefully along with occasional new poems.)

the last time i  did the  featured poets series  was in 2012  (with some re-posted in 2013)  so i  will be re-running the series in March and April.  partially for the blog’s birthday,  and also to celebrate  National Poetry Month in  April since that was what originally inspired the series in 2011.  i was truly honored to have 60 amazing poets agree to participate.  i  am going to re-post without updates,  so if  anyone featured would like to make changes to his or her bio,  please just let me know when it appears.  if  you haven’t seen the series,  you’re in for a real treat as there are fabulous poets to meet and stunning  poetry to read.  (again,  i will also be posting any new writing of  my own.)

i  hope you enjoy this trip through the archives of  my heart’s love songs  as much as i  have enjoyed the blog all these years.

thank  you  SO  much for visiting!


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“Birthday”    The Beatles

artwork ~   “untitled”   Louis Wain
{  public domain }



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2 responses to “·›• it’s my birthday! { almost } •‹·

  1. My 5th Blogoversary is Jan 23rd … we started about the same time! Can’t believe I’m still at it as well. Often wonder if I should continue — oh my, then what would I do with my time! :D Congratulations as you count up to your special day!! :D

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