∙ꗴ∙ Alice doesn’t live here anymore ∙ꗴ∙

ꔷ ꗴ ꔷ

∙ ꔷ ꗴ ꔷ ∙

Alice found it nearly impossible to
overcome her addictions
to the assorted substances
imbibed while in Wonderland ~
they remained a constant craving

once she turned eighteen
Alice left her childhood home
and managed to find her way
back to Wonderland
at long last

taking up the cello,
Alice enjoyed sitting on a pedestal
stoned out of  her mind
playing to no one
{ occasionally the Cheshire Cat would sort-of  show up }

when asked what had become of  their daughter,
her parents could only reply
“Alice doesn’t live here anymore.”

∙ ꕐ ꔷ ꗴ ꔷ ꔶ ∙

ꕐ ∙ ꗴ ∙ ꔶ

∙ ꔷ ꗴ ꔷ ∙


“White Rabbit”    Jefferson Airplane

originally posted  9 November 2013

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”   Lewis Carroll ( Charles Lutwidge Dodgson )

artwork  ~   “Poets Corner”  by  ©Mike Worrall  from the prompt:

Sunday Challenge:  Featuring Mike Worrall   at    imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:   write a new poem  based on the work & themes of Mike Worrall



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2 responses to “∙ꗴ∙ Alice doesn’t live here anymore ∙ꗴ∙

  1. I remember this one! Still love it.

  2. nice,
    I have never seen Alice playing cello near a field.
    your blog features lots of themes or memes,
    what effort.
    happy 2015.

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