· ☮ · man, i gotta go · ☮ ·

 • ☮ •

· ☮ ·

she was born to be wild

sadly living in the wrong time

always did what was expected

raisin’  kids and stayin’  home

being a proper lady

outlived her husband

and settled into widowhood

until one day

at age eighty-eight

she sold her house

bought a hog

told her kids goodbye


man,  i gotta go

· ☮ ·

 • ☮ •

 ☮ • φ • ☮

· ☮ • φ • ☮ ·

“Born To Be Wild”    Steppenwolf
with video clips from the movie  “Easy Rider”

image ~   “Old Woman Riding A Motorcycle”  from  Crystal’s Comments

this is my submission to ~

FLASH 55 PLUS    at    imaginary garden with real toads

Flash Fiction 55   plus  “Man,  You Gotta Go”
about  the sub-culture depicting bikers as heroes who had cast off the shackles of a society they could not come to terms with.  thank you,  Kerry!  { Flash Fiction 55 requires that it be exactly 55 words. }

dedicated to the memory of  Galen Haynes,  aka the G-Man
i hope you’re having a kick-ass weekend,  G!



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