hallelujah ∙จ∙ •๗• ∙ร∙

∙ •๗• ∙

∙ ๗ ∙

your glance
sends my heart racing
to the moon and back

your tender touch
~ one  finger brushing my cheek ~
leaves me quivering and breathless

your kisses
fling all thoughts of  the world
flying through the ether

and when you make love to me
i  can only whisper



∙ •๗• ∙

จ∙ •๗• ∙ร

∙จ∙ •๗• ∙ร∙

“Hallelujah”   Peter Hollins featuring Jackie Evancho

if  you like  “Hallelujah”  (written by Leonard Cohen)  i hope you will listen to this version ~ it is sung a cappella,  plus Peter Hollins sings multiple tracks creating a truly unique and beautiful performance.  { the song itself  only lasts four minutes,  the rest is Peter Hollins talking.  if  the video doesn’t play,  just click on the title below the video to watch it on YouTube. }

artwork ~   “Lovers in the Bibliothek”     Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
{  public domain }



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5 responses to “hallelujah ∙จ∙ •๗• ∙ร∙

  1. oh nice…. and what better place to make love than between all those words… smiles… wishing you a wonderful christmas time dani

  2. Wonderfully sensuous poem dani ♥
    Thank you very much for sharing it.

  3. dang….now that is a glorious bit of intimacy…ha….
    whew….def it is an experiece beyond the physical
    into the spiritual realms…

  4. What a sensual, gorgeous piece!

  5. What a touching poem, Dani. Leonard Cohen’s song is one of my favorites. I never heard this version and enjoyed it a lot. Rufus Wainwright is my favorite as well as KD Lang. Thanks for sharing! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2015.

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