This Holiday, I Pledge to #GiveBooks!

For the third year in a row,  Chronicle Books is asking you to share the love of reading,  support your local bookseller and help promote literacy by pledging to give books this holiday season.  And they are teaming up again with the nonprofit  First Book  to make your pledge go even further.

For every pledge shared on social media through the site  #GiveBooks2014  { http://givebooks2014.com/ },  Chronicle Books will donate a book to a child in need.  Last year they donated 10,000 books,  and they’d really like to make it a holiday tradition.

*Update,  they have over 25,000 pledges so far this year ~ how about helping them reach 30,000 or even 50,000?

How do you pledge?

It couldn’t be easier ~ just go to #GiveBooks 2014

{ http://givebooks2014.com/ }

Click on the links  THERE  to share #GiveBooks on  Pinterest,  Facebook,  Tumblr,  Twitter

and/or make your pledge using the Sign It icon ~

no money is involved.

(Chronicle Books will donate the books without asking you for a donation though,  of course,  First Book  is always grateful for assistance ~ ten dollars purchase four books.)

A book is a gift that can last forever,  so pledge and give books as gifts this holiday season.

“Carol Of  The Bells”   Pentatonix

BONUS:  Shop for books and enjoy 30% OFF + FREE GROUND SHIPPING!
Enter discount code  GIVEBOOKS  at  ChronicleBooks.com

*excludes personalized books and gifts

I have no knowledge of  First Books other than the  fact that Chronicle Books works with them every year through  #GIVEBOOKS.  All I can say is that I donate a (very) small amount to  UNICEF   every month because I personally  feel that they do so much good.

disclaimer:  i am not affiliated in any way with  UNICEFChronicle Books  or  First Book.


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