∙Ꮄ∙ •Ꮚ• ∙∙ dolphin at play ∙∙ •Ꮚ• ∙Ꮄ∙

• Ꮚ •

∙ Ꮚ ∙

playing  ball

…a  dolphin

  and  a  child…


• Ꮚ •

∙ • Ꮚ • ∙

∙Ꮄ • Ꮚ • Ꮄ∙

∙Ꮄ∙ • Ꮚ • ∙Ꮄ∙

“Dolphin  Playing  Ball  With  A  Small  Child”

artwork ~   “Dolphin Installation Art”  /  Miserablemagical
{ This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. }

i’d like to dedicate this post to my friend,  Ainsley Allmark,  who also goes by the name  DolphinDancer.   his main blog is  Dolphin Muse  and you may find additional poetry and photographs by him at any of  the Dolphin links in the blogroll at the bottom of  this page.


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One response to “∙Ꮄ∙ •Ꮚ• ∙∙ dolphin at play ∙∙ •Ꮚ• ∙Ꮄ∙

  1. Thank you dani ♥
    A Lovely little poem, a great video and most importantly a Wonderful dedication.
    You have honoured me beyond words ~ thank you dani ♥

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