·º· § ·· what if…. ·· § ·º·


· § ·

º § º

what if…..

i  was born into a family that wanted,  loved and nourished me?
i  learned from my mistakes,  never to repeat them?
i  had opportunities in another life that i  took hold of ?
i  achieved fulfillment in that life from the choices which i  made?
not fame or fortune,  but living to the most of  my potential?


what if  all that were possible?

i  wouldn’t give up one single person in this life
whom i love or who loves me
for even a moment as that other “perfect” me

·º· § ·º·

º· § ·º

º § º

· § ·

“Another Me”   Kim Sunggyu



image ~   doppelgänger”  imgarcade.com – online image arcade
{  fair use }



this is my submission to ~


Fireblossom Friday:  Another You     at    imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:    write about  “an other you”

thank you for the FABulous prompt, Fireblossom!



i  just realized  (unless you see it somewhere that i don’t) WordPress is no longer putting the author’s name anywhere above, below or in the post…  i’ll start signing my posts at the bottom with the date.  thanks!

posted by  dani   18 July 2014






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10 responses to “·º· § ·· what if…. ·· § ·º·

  1. Jim

    This is a decision that we cannot but don’t have to make, we can only dream about the what if’s. Even so, I liked reading about those. We all do and need to at times, that is why this poem is so pleasing to read. We live it with the writer.

  2. oOOoo, am I in that special group, SP? *huge happy hug* Our pasts sucked, but we found good things in our lives anyway. Oh yeah! Thanks for being part of my FBF challenge!

  3. Interesting sides that you’ve presented. The opening and its alternate reality is saddening…so true for many. Perfect image for this, dani. ♥

  4. the cost would be too much if it cost me one person…
    without what i have gone through and the decisions that i made
    i would not be here….

  5. It’s hard to even imagine what a life like that would be like–and I agree, I wouldn’t trade what I’ve learned or the people I love in this one for it, though it is tempting to think that life can be perfect. I love your image, too, dani.

  6. I love the honesty. I have sat down with my “what ifs” at times, but then I realize the blessing that some of them never bore fruit.

  7. You set the stage for the conundrum at the heart of any desire for a better life – what would we have to give up of this one?

  8. I love the resolution of this poem – I think we are all glad for all we went through that made us who we are….what a journey it is!!!!

  9. Helen

    This is a lovely affirmation … lovely.

  10. Just lovely Dani. Experience does teach us that the journey as a whole helps form us into who we become. Some of the lessons I didn’t want, but did make me stronger.

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