·Ꭷ· •Ꮿ• ·Ꭷ· wave { guest post by Ainsley Allmark @DolphinDancer }



You are the wave
That washed me
Into your sea
Taking me away
Into your Love
Showing me
What you are


You are the Love
That makes me grow
You are the one
I have waited for
Through…..Read More


· •Ꮿ• ·

·Ꭷ· Ꮿ ·Ꭷ·

·Ꭷ· •Ꮿ• ·Ꭷ·

“Wave After Wave”   IONA

my good friend,  Ainsley Allmark,  has graciously allowed me to reblog his poem  “Wave”  ~ a poem which is really a love song and one of  his best.  you can find his poetry  at his main blog   Dolphin Muse   or poetry  { and photographs } at any of  the other  ‘Dolphin’   blogs in the blogroll at the bottom of  this page.  i would like to thank Ainsley for agreeing to let me share his beautiful poem with you.

artwork ~   “Femenine Wave”    Katsushika Hokusai
{  public domain }

guest post by Ainsley Allmark

posted by dani  30 June 2014



Filed under Creative Every Day, guest post, love, NaBloPoMo, poetry, Post-A-Week

3 responses to “·Ꭷ· •Ꮿ• ·Ꭷ· wave { guest post by Ainsley Allmark @DolphinDancer }

  1. Thank you dani ♥ for your Beautiful re-blogging of my poem.

    Your choice of music and image ~ Hokusai is one of my favourite print-makers ~ compliment my offering so very well.

    You have done me an honour and made me proud to be your friend ~ thank you dani ♥

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. smiles…sweet poem…
    and love the pic…all the texture and layering in those always catches my eye..

    hope your summer is going well…smiles.

  3. Helen

    I look forward to Mondays and your poems ‘magically’ showing up via email!! Have a great week.

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