·· ϔ ·ɕ· music of the angels ·ɚ· ϔ ··




 ɚ ϔ ɕ

if  we are weary
we can sometimes see
the glow of  an angel’s wings
wrapped  ’round us
when we are all alone

if  we are heartbroken
we can sometimes taste
the angels’  tears
mixed with our own

in a summer rain

if  we act with kindness
we can sometimes feel
an angel’s kiss
warm and sweet

upon our cheek

and if  we are very still
we can sometimes hear
the music of  the angels
playing softly

in our hearts

·ɚ· ϔ ·ɕ·

ɚ· ϔ ·ɕ

ɚ ϔ ɕ


“Playing With The Angels ~ Beautiful Chanson”   French Flute & Harp



artwork ~   “Angel  with  flutes”    Jan Matejko
{  public domain }






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2 responses to “·· ϔ ·ɕ· music of the angels ·ɚ· ϔ ··

  1. Lovely poem dani ♥
    I can tell that you really feel this one and you have chosen a beautiful piece of music to go with it.

    Thank you for sharing dani ♥

  2. Helen

    As a flautist I enjoyed this immensely, lovely writing.

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