∘♥∘ ❤ ∘♥∘ soft kisses ∘♥∘ ❤ ∘♥∘

∘  ∘

♥  ♥

his kisses so soft

they should barely be felt

…..and yet…..

they set her on fire

he kissed her tenderly

wanting only that she know

how very much he loved her

it was as if  her body

could not help but respond

and,  as their passion deepened,

they lost themselves

in the soft kisses and one another

∘♥∘ ∘♥∘

♥∘  ∘♥

♥  ♥

∘  ∘

i’ve never been that big of  a fan of  Rod Stewart but i LOVE this song ~ he really sounds different!

“A Kiss To Build A Dream On”     Rod Stewart

the first four lines were originally posted  2 December 2010 and the rest was written last night

artwork  ~   “Kiss”    Vsevolod Maksymovych
{  public domain }


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