⋆ ❍ ⋆ Moon Watches ⋆ ❍ ⋆ by Ainsley Allmark @DolphinDancer


* ❍ *


She watches
Sees the Earth turn
Beneath her

Sees me dreaming
About you
Holding you close
In my thoughts

Sees you thinking
About me
Swaying gently
In our dance

Five thousand miles
Is but a thought
As our lips touch
And our kisses flow

Moon always watching
Sees us turn in our dance
Smiles in our Love

*  ⋆  ❍  ⋆  *

*⋆  ❍  ⋆*


* ❍ *

“Same Side of  The Moon”   Corrinne May

my dear  friend,  Ainsley Allmark,  { @DolphinDancer }  was kind enough to write this poem in response to my poem  “the moon has left me”  (below) ~ his poem  “Moon Watches”  can be  found at his main blog,  Dolphin Muse.  please scroll down to the blogrolls at the bottom of  this page to  find links to his other ‘Dolphin’  blogs.  i’d like to thank Ainsley  for his beautiful  love song in response to mine,  and  for allowing me to share it with you here along with his stunning photograph of  the  “Fool Moon.”

the moon has left me

dani  @  my heart’s love songs


the moon has left me

to pay you a visit

( now i miss both you and her )

the trees have stayed though

quiet company for me

( they don’t like to talk )

the stars are hiding

too shy to let me see them

( but i can feel their presence )

tonight the moon will return

as though nothing ever happened

( then leave again to see you )

so we must share her

from opposite sides of  the earth

( yet,  always,  we see the same side of  the moon )

⋆  ❍  ⋆

⋆ ❍ ⋆


image  ~   “Fool Moon”   Ainsley Allmark
{  permission from the photographer } { © all rights reserved by Ainsley Allmark }

“Moon Watches”   { © all rights reserved by Ainsley Allmark }

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One response to “⋆ ❍ ⋆ Moon Watches ⋆ ❍ ⋆ by Ainsley Allmark @DolphinDancer

  1. Thank you dani ♥ for doing me the very great honour of reposting my offering.

    Since my poem was in response to your Lovely piece, you should share the thanks. Thank you for giving me the inspiration through your poem dani ♥

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