BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY FINAL DAY (inter)National Poetry Month 2014



(inter)National Poetry Month
April  2014

hello,  all you poetry lovin’  girls and boys out there!  have i got a treat for you?  why,  yes,  i do!  i’m participating in the fifth annual  BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY   in celebration of  (inter)National Poetry Month 2014.  the giveaway is being curated this year by  Kelli Russell Agodon, the founder of BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY,  at her blog  Book of  Kells  HERE.   i realize this is a loooong post ~ if  you’re not interested in details about the books,  you can scroll down to the rules and list of  books included in the giveaway.

what  is  the  BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY  you ask?  any blogger who wants to can join in and give away a poetry book to TWO,  count them TWO,  people ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD FOR FREE,  SHIPPING INCLUDED.  { i think they really should change the name officially to INTERnational Poetry Month given the number of  poets all over the world who participate in one way or another. }  so i get to choose the book each winner will receive.  i’ll tell you below how you can enter to win a book and how to sign up as a blogger wanting to give away two books.  right now,  let’s get to the books,  shall we?

the first book  i am going to give away is the second compilation of  poetry by three extremely talented contemporary poets,  two of  whom i know in this corner of  the online poetry community,  Kelli Simpson  aka  Mama Zen and  Joy Ann Jones  aka  hedgewitch;  and the third,  Shay Caroline Simmons  aka  Fireblossom,  who dubbed me her  ‘Sista Poet’  which i deem to be one of  the greatest honors of  my life.  i will NEVER,  EVER,  EVER  be able to write anywhere close to the level of  these three women.  their latest book is titled  “Three-Note Howl:  The Wild Hunt” and can be purchased on Amazon as a paperback  HERE.

their description is ~
“Dynamic poetry by three American women poets,  each with her own style,  but all combining to create an absolutely unique three-note howl.”

i’m buying this for you before i’ve even bought myself  a copy,  but i had the luxury of  reading many of  the poems when they were first posted to these incredibly creative women’s blogs.

you can find these truly unique and amazing poets at their poetry blogs,  which i consider to be the top three in the blogosphere ~
Shay Caroline aka Fireblossom  blogs at  ‘Shay’s Word Garden
Kelli Simson aka Mama Zen blogs her poetry at  ‘another damn poetry blog  Motherhood After Dark
Joy Ann Jones aka hedgewitch blogs at  ‘Verse Escape

the second book  i’m giving away is  “My Mad Love:  poems out in the noonday sun”  by Shay Caroline Simmons which can be purchased on Amazon in paperback  HERE.  i only got to read part of  it before my teenage granddaughter  (who is a published and national award-winning poet herself) confiscated it from me and loves it so much that she wants to keep it.  (that’s the thing about Shay’s writing ~ you want to read it again and again because you get something new out of  it each time.}  hmmm….  i’ll have to order another for myself.  what i did read was soooo good that i just have to give away a copy of  it,  too.

her description is ~
“From a hospital reserved for carnival workers, to a wannabe actress whose Siberian tiger lover teaches her assertiveness, and on through the woman arrested by the secret police because they want to know about her lover’s beautiful hair, “My Mad Love” is an utterly unique collection of story poems which are both beautiful in their language and startling in their originality.”

i can tell you that what i read was such amazing poetry that i didn’t think i would try to write ever again.  just one verse of  one poem to show you how Shay writes in such an extraordinary way it will take your breath away ~
“Farmers wanted to shoot them
for eating all the clouds after midnight
because they wanted to see the moon.”

bonus!  i’m giving away a third four more books in the Kindle e-book versions ~ i am going to give away the Kindle e-book version of  “100 Best-Loved Poems“  which is,  in their words  ~
“Popular, well-known poetry: “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love,” “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” “Death, be not proud,” “The Raven,” “The Road Not Taken,” plus works by Wordsworth, Byron, Coleridge, Sandburg, Pound, Auden, Thomas,  and many others…”

in my opinion,  it has an absolutely wonderful variety of  poetry from poets such as  Elizabeth Barrett Browning,  William Blake,  George Gordon Byron Emily Dickinson, e. e. cummings,  Ralph Waldo Emerson,  Robert Frost,  John Keats,  Rudyard Kipling,  Edna St. Vincent Millay,  Edgar Allan Poe,  William Shakespeare,  Percy Bysshe Shelley and the list goes on.  there are sonnets and other form poetry,  and love poems,  and SHAKESPEARE,  for god’s sake!  i don’t know who determined that these are the “100 Best-Loved Poems” but i promise that not only will you find at least some poetry you enjoy,  you will learn a thing or two about writing great poetry.  i don’t believe i will ever attain the level of  excellence the poets in this book achieved.

and the Kindle e-book version of  “The Road Not Taken and Other Poems  [Illustrated]”  by Robert Frost and the Kindle e-book version of  “Leaves of  Grass  [Illustrated]”  by Walt Whitman  and  the Kindle e-book version of  “Love Poem Collection – The Greatest Love Poems and Quotes of  All Time.”

EVERYONE can get a FREE  (at least at the time of  this post)  download NOW of  the Kindle e-book version of  Edgar Allan Poe’s  “Complete Poetical Works”  on  Amazon  HERE. offers  FREE  Kindle e-book versions of  dozens of  poetry books  { search  HERE }  as does  { search  HERE. }

don’t  worry if  you don’t have a Kindle or other e-book reader.  Amazon provides FREE downloadable versions of  Kindle which work on any number of  devices from some smart phones to tablets,  laptops and desktop computers.  you can get the FREE downloads at  HERE   and at  HERE.

i  am ordering  have ordered paperback copies of  the first two books this week  (they weren’t available in hardback)  and will receive  have received them weeks before the winners are chosen.  i will do a giftable  (free to you) download of  the e-books on or about May 3,  2014.  here’s how it will work  ~  in order to put your imaginary hat in the proverbial ring to win one of  these books,  you must leave a comment  ON THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST.  the COMMENT BOX DOES NOT APPEAR IF YOU ARE ON THE MAIN PAGE OF THE BLOG.  THE EASIEST WAY TO GET TO THE PROPER COMMENT BOX IS TO CLICK ON THE TITLE OF THE POST  “BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY FINAL DAY”,  GIVE IT A FEW SECONDS TO RELOAD ONLY THIS POST,  THEN SCROLL  AAALLLLLLLLL  THE WAY DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST where you will find the comment box.

as the blog author,  i approve all comments BEFORE they are published so you will NOT see your comment until i have an opportunity to approve it.  i will try to get to them all on the day they are submitted, but some may take longer before they appear.  if  you don’t see your comment within a week,   and definitely no later than April 30th,  please email me at  i will also be checking my spam folder to make certain no one’s comment gets mis-identified as spam.

there are several options for signing in to leave a comment.  whether you sign in with WordPress,  Twitter,  Facebook,  or  just your email address and first name,  FOR YOUR ENTRY TO QUALIFY,  THERE MUST BE AN EMAIL ADDRESS AND FIRST NAME (NOT A BLOG NAME or USER NAME).  IF THE FORMAT YOU USE TO SIGN IN,  FOR INSTANCE TWITTER,  DOES NOT PROVIDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND REAL FIRST NAME  (NOT YOUR TWITTER USER NAME)  THEN YOU WILL HAVE TO LEAVE A COMMENT  AND  SEND ME AN EMAIL.  you MUST leave your first name IN your comment and say that you will email me YOUR email address.  { i do NOT recommend leaving your email address in a public comment.} 

send the email as follows:



MESSAGE IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL:   tell me at least your first name and your email address.  that’s all there is to it.


if  there is not a first name and email address either in the comment or an email,  that entry will be disqualified.

if  i receive an email from someone who did NOT leave a comment on this post or the original post  HERE,  that entry will be disqualified.

ONLY ONE ENTRY IS ALLOWED PER PERSON.  duplicate entries will be deleted.

YOU MAY ENTER WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAVE A BLOG ~ all i need is your (real) first name and email address.

the giveaway closes at midnight  (12:00am)  Pacific Standard Time USA on the night of  April 30/May 1,  2014.

this giveaway is open to everyone living anywhere in the world so long as you have an email address!

the FIRST WEEK OF MAY 2014,  i  will put all the email addresses in a bowl,  close my eyes,  stir them around and then randomly select two  SIX winners.  the one i select first will receive the paperback copy of  “Three-Note Howl:  The Wild Hunt“,  the one i select second will receive the paperback copy of  “My Mad Love:  poems out in the noonday sun.”   i will be contacting the winners by email at which time you will have to be willing to provide me with your full name and your shipping address.  the third,  fourth,  fifth,  and sixth winners will receive an e-book download  of  “100 Best-Loved Poems”  or  “The Road Not Taken and Other Poems  [Illustrated]”  by Robert Frost  or  “Leaves of  Grass  [Illustrated]”  by Walt Whitman   or   “Love Poem Collection – The Greatest Love Poems and Quotes of  All Time”  which will be sent to your email address on or about May 3,  2014.   i will notify all winners in advance by email.  The authors of  these books are in no way sponsoring or involved in the giveaway;  and the purchase of  the books and postage will be paid by me.  EACH WINNER RECEIVES ONE BOOK OF MY CHOICE ONLY.


there will be an updated blog list at  Book of  Kells  HERE  for those of  you who would like to enter for more chances to win a book.  each blogger will be selecting the books they want to give away and each blog will have its own requirements.  check it out at least through April 5th for additional bloggers you can visit to enter for their giveaway.


please feel free to email me with any questions at,  though i tried to provide all of  the information you will need in this post so if  you jumped over the main part and only read the rules,  you may find the answer you’re looking for if  you go back and read everything.

i hope you’ll leave a comment for the giveaway!  good luck!

happy spring!



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