ꖢꔷ ꔷ i can build a house ꔷ ꔷꖢ

ꔷ ꖢ ꔷ

i can build a house

with the East wall looking to the future

the South made up of  the present

the West nothing but the past

the North facing infinite possibilities

and above a sky full of  stars

but it’s not a home

without you

ꔷ ꖢ ꔷ

ꕐ ꔷꖢꔷ ꖪ

ꔷ ꕐ ꔷꖢꔷ ꖪ ꔷ

“A House Is Not A Home”    Ella Fitzgerald

originally posted  21 February 2013

artwork ~   “Houses at Falaise in the Fog”   Claude Monet
{ public domain }

*in certain divinatory practices the directions represent time phases:

North = Infinite Possibility (no-time)
South = Present – Now
West = Past
East = Future

this was prompted by ~

Words Count With Mama Zen    at   imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:   build a house in 48 words or less

thank you,  Mama Zen!


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