∙• ॡ •∙ a whisper { redux }

∙ ॡ ∙

• ॡ •

a glance

a smile

a whisper

a touch

a caress

a kiss


∙ इ • ॡ • इ ∙

इ • ॡ • इ

∙ • ॡ • ∙

• ॡ •

“Magic Man”    Heart

originally posted  29 November 2010

artwork  ~   “Passion”  Frank Dicksee
{  public domain }



Filed under Creative Every Day, lust, micropoetry, NaBloPoMo, poetry, Post-A-Day, redux

2 responses to “∙• ॡ •∙ a whisper { redux }

  1. oo la…each little bit is another layer to the grander seduction…smiles

    how have you been dani?

  2. Woonie

    I had one of those ‘I never seen eyes so blue’ men long ago, I still dream of him. Loved the poem.

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