∙ఱ∙ •ౡ• ∙∙ my cloak of secrecy ∙∙ •ౡ• ∙ఱ∙

∙ ౡ ∙

• ౡ •

i wake each dawn exposed
stripped of  all pretense
anyone would see what i am
thus i must ever sleep alone

once i step outside my door
i wear a cloak of  secrecy
allowing no one to glimpse
the naked truth of  me

should you look too long
i gather my illusions tight around me
reflecting that which you think i should be
clothed in nothing but fantasy

my dress of  false conformity
leggings made of  lies and half-truths
shoes shiny with your expectations
a sparkling necklace of  insincerity

if  i should meet someone
who can ignore my desperate conjuring
yet still smile and reach for my hand
i will finally become
the me i was meant to be

∙ఱ∙ •ౡ• ∙ఱ∙

ఱ •ౡ• ఱ

∙ •ౡ• ∙


“Secrets”   One Republic

artwork ~    “Naked at dawn”    Paul Delvaux
{  fair use }

this is my submission to ~

Fireblossom Friday:  Clothes Make the Woman!    at    imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:   write a new poem in which clothes play a significant part

thank you,  Fireblossom!



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13 responses to “∙ఱ∙ •ౡ• ∙∙ my cloak of secrecy ∙∙ •ౡ• ∙ఱ∙

  1. This is so sad, SP! Catblossom says that metaphorical clothes are good, though, so you will not be hauled off to Poetry Prison! :-P

  2. There is such a beauty in modesty to my mind. I like that I have the choice to share my vulnerable nakedness with only those whom I trust and therein have that expression of trust to give. I hope you find your someone so that you can become your you.

  3. it feels good when you finally meet that person and can let down the guard…and the image we have to project to get along in this world….

  4. a sparkling necklace of insincerity–there are a lot of those out there, and cuff links too(do men still wear cufflinks??) Regardless, I know exactly what you mean here, Dani.

  5. This is wonderful. Society puts so many judgments on a person based on their clothing. So stupid.

  6. all though there is a undercurrent of sadness you end on a note of hope… when you meet the right one… it can change your whole outlook… really liked how you put this together with some great lines

  7. I agree…metaphorical clothes are wonderful…great take on this dani! ♥

  8. it’s nice to be the real ‘me’….love the imagery used here…

  9. Reminds me that we are all naked under our clothes – but also clothe ourselves with more than outfits. With attitudes, with what it takes to guard ourselves from mistakes… I really liked the poem a LOT. Amy

  10. One of the best poems I’ve read for the challenge so far – you have said so much about the need for clothes, what they hide and what they may reveal of the wearer. Each day we hide the naked truth from other’s eyes.

  11. Dani, I love your poem and how much you revealed in the naked truth!

  12. Removing the cloak of pretense in this brave poem, you have helped to make the world a less lonely place. Thank you for your vulnerability and the beauty you reveal.

  13. Woonie

    On my first read-through I saw “thus i must * never * sleep alone” .. which in a way fits the poem too … loved it!!!

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