∙∙ ∰ ∙↻∙ a place to shine ∙↺∙ ∰ ∙∙

∙ ∰ ∙

↺ ∰ ↻

traveling through this life

wanting to do some good

hoping to make a difference

trying to leave a mark

just looking for a place to shine….

won’t someone please turn up the sun?
let us all shine for just one moment

∙↺∙ ∰ ∙↻∙

↺ ∰ ↻

∙ ∰ ∙

“Looking For A Place To Shine”   Clare Bowen

this is my submission to ~

Open Link Monday  at   imaginary garden with real toads
submit a new or old poem

thank you, Kerry!

OpenLinkNight— Week 129   at    dVerse ~ Poets Pub
prompt:   submit a new or old poem

thank you,  Grace!



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12 responses to “∙∙ ∰ ∙↻∙ a place to shine ∙↺∙ ∰ ∙∙

  1. it’s great if we walk life with the intention to do something good and help others….making a difference…yep…let’s shine…smiles

  2. how amazing would it be if we all decided to shine at once…perhaps then we really could change the world….

  3. Yes, not enough light in this world–but you help make things shine, Dani–keep it up!

  4. I like the positive and generous yearning you expressed in your poem!

  5. Aaaah that moment to truly shine. I like Brian’s comment about us all shining at the same time, how amazing would that be.

  6. You have me smiling now, for a few reasons, love the message, and the sun and shine really are needed here today as we are having a blizzard and 14 inches of snow! Took me 4 hrs to get home from the office, ugh!

  7. yes, turn up the sun! except here in southern california, where we could use some liquid sunshine for a bit :) ~

  8. poetrypea

    Have you not had your 15 minutes of fame yet.?

  9. Oh please please PLEASE turn up the heat!

  10. Kerry O'Connor

    Every individual needs a place to shine.

  11. So good to make a difference in this world.

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