⁃✶⁃ ◎ ⁃✶⁃ the Moon is a harsh mistress

⁃ ◎ ⁃

✶ ◎ ✶

the silence in the darkness
outside of  my front door
does not fool me for a moment
for She warned me you would come

i know you’re lurking there
hoping to capture me for your own
like some wild exotic animal
to be put on display for all to see

your bald,  bold designs on my heart
shall have no sway here,  i’m afraid
the Moon protects it always
it belongs to Her and Her alone

Her moonbeams light the blackness
showing me your lecherous form
as though the tongues of  a thousand candles
were licking the smile off  your face

do you not feel Her eyes upon you?
do you not hear Her murmering in your ear?
listen to Her warnings,  beggard
lest you find yourself  without the breath to live

the Moon is a jealous mistress
see the blue tinge to Her glow?
trust me,  i’m not worth it
best you leave whilst you still can

⁃✶⁃ ◎ ⁃✶⁃

✶⁃ ◎ ⁃✶

✶ ◎ ✶

⁃ ◎ ⁃

“The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress”   Joe Cocker

image  ~   “moon and tree”  imaginary garden with real toads

this is my submission to ~

Get Listed with Brendan: Moon  Madness    at   imaginary garden with real toads
The challenge:   Pick at least 5 of the following words to use in a poem of your own design ~

knuckle tongues candles wild murmurous silence yew garments blackness candles spirituous bald door moon blue

thank you, Brendan!



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16 responses to “⁃✶⁃ ◎ ⁃✶⁃ the Moon is a harsh mistress

  1. “Blue tinged jealousy” and “licking the smile off your face” are awesome images here! I know I would heed the warning

  2. I enjoyed the story embedded in this warning. Although there is dissent, there’s also a sense of safety and contentment. In this way, the moon is more friend than beastly owner.

  3. I enjoyed the ominous tone in this write.

  4. I used to love that song. It was on the same album with “You Are So Beautiful”. It had a lot of good songs on it. I *think* “Moon” was written by Jimmy Webb, of MacArthur Park fame, but I’m not 100% sure.

  5. ha. the moon can def be a jealous mistress…i have a hard time believing you are not worth it though dani…smiles.

  6. :) Its amazing and very nice imagination.

  7. Jealous moon…how true. She woos us, but she is never ours..beautiful write

    • Brendan

      Thank you for joining in with this — I love that Jimmy Webb tune, its so wistful and yearning — here the moon is less mistress than sister, a protector of sorts, though the caller at the door is obeying Her in a much different way. How wild that one orb has so many meanings folded in Her train.

  8. The moon is a powerful guardian as well. If only she really would scare the predators away…being the contradictory female she is, she is more likely to draw them out just so she can laugh in their faces. Loved this, Dani.

  9. I thought first of Robert A. Heinlein’s book rather than the song but then again I’m more a book lover than a music lover. I think this poem is wonderfully sinister.

  10. Great strength given to the moon in your poem – I would not want to mess with her!

  11. I like the theme, the moon is a jealous mistress ~ Thanks for the link as well ~ Take care Dani ~

  12. Woonie

    “Trust me I’m Not Worth It” …. takes a lot of courage to utter those words, never knowing what the response might be! Enjoyed this.

  13. I like this very much…i have not heard that song before. I will have to listen.

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