· • ◊ • · the first time · • ◊ • ·

• ◊ •

· ◊ ·

The first time I saw the man he was in front of  me.  Tall,  broad back,  dark hair.  He turned.  Smiled.  I felt the winds of  change bear down on me…  but for good or ill,  who knew?

· ◊ ·

• ◊ •

· • ◊ • ·

“The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”   Roberta Flack

artwork ~   “A Night At Saint Jean”   Man Ray
{  fair use }

this is my submission to ~

Trifextra: Week 100    at   trifecta
prompt:  We are asking for a 33-word response to the following snippet:
“The first time I saw. . .”
Here’s the catch:  all of your 33 words must be one syllable each.  To clarify,  we are giving you 5 words.  We want another 33 from you,  for a grand total of 38.



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8 responses to “· • ◊ • · the first time · • ◊ • ·

  1. and who really knows until we risk to move beyond that moment….or into it…

  2. I like the uncertainty of the last line…it could be good or bad…

  3. I love the words ‘wind bearing down on me’……….. magical. Very beautiful.

  4. We never really do know, at first sight which way the winds will carry us. This was lovely!

  5. A gamble is always a gamble, isn’t it? I hope the tall stranger with the broad back swept your character away to heights unimagined rather than plunging your character into the depths of despair. Are they willing to take the gamble and say hello? :) Good post. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Draug419

    I like the ominous overtone.

  7. I like that you put the doubt of experience in. Good twist to prompt.

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