∙ • བྷ • ༩ ∙ unwritten ∙ ༨ • བྷ • ∙

• བྷ •

∙ བྷ ∙

i  am  no  prophetess

no  soothsayer

no  visionary

no  oracle

no  seer

 the   future



but  this  i  tell  you

shall  come  to  pass


will  kiss  your  cheeks  in  the  summer


will  whisper  gently  against  your  skin


will  never  learn  your  secrets   from  the  wind

and  love

will  be  all  you  take  with  you  in  the  end

∙ བྷ ∙

∙ • བྷ • ∙

༨ • བྷ • ༩

∙ ༨ • བྷ • ༩ ∙

“Unwritten”   Natasha Bedingfield

artwork ~   “Crystal Ball”   John William Waterhouse
{  public domain }



Filed under NaBloPoMo, poetry, Post-A-Day2013

5 responses to “∙ • བྷ • ༩ ∙ unwritten ∙ ༨ • བྷ • ∙

  1. A Beautiful Love song dani ♥ thank you for sharing it.

  2. sounds like a wonderful blessing to me…smiles…that whole last section is wonderful dani

  3. Are you sure it isn’t my stock portfolio take with me? No?

    I miss you at my place, SP.

  4. Woonie

    .. it is Monday morning where I live, your poem is a lovely way to begin my day

  5. ellaedge

    I love how your poem felt like a wave-the peak, the curl and then the descend! Gorgeous view and I love that song!

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