·◦ ʃ • ✻ •◦· loon in a balloon ·◦• ✻ • ʅ ◦·

◦ ✻ ◦

• ✻ •

“Conventional opinion is the ruin of  our souls”
— Rumi

◦ ✻ ◦

• ✻ •

◦• ✻ •◦

she wanted to go to the moon
in a red hot air balloon
really,  really,  really soon
preferably today  ~  before noon!
( she was crazy as a loon )

she didn’t want to be led astray
by others who thought they knew the best way
for her to behave ~ she couldn’t have feet of  clay
she  needed  to go to the moon and pray
and bathe her toes in a gamma ray

sadly it was not meant to be
you know the bourgeoisie
would never,  ever agree
to let such a one as she feel free
she must obey their every decree

independent thinking was not allowed
therefore she  had  to be
crazy as a loon

·◦ ʃ • ✻ • ʅ ◦·

◦ ʃ• ✻ •ʅ ◦

·◦• ✻ •◦·

• ✻ •

“My Beautiful Balloon”    Nancy Sinatra

artwork ~    “Red Balloon”   Paul Klee
{  public domain }



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4 responses to “·◦ ʃ • ✻ •◦· loon in a balloon ·◦• ✻ • ʅ ◦·

  1. I would be happy to be considered a happy loon too.
    I feel that this could be considered a mild tribute to Dr Seuss in the feel of the poem.
    Thank you dani ♥ for a Lovely poem and post.

  2. no of course they would never agree with us achieving our dreams…though i hope she does it anyway and proves them wrong…perhaps start a revolution or something

  3. YOU’re the loon in a balloon, my SP! (and I’m glad that you are). Those dancers scare me. Remember white levi’s? Wow, fad city. I just had to watch Nancy and some guy sing one of my favorite songs, “Jackson”. Nancy looked gooood in her suede skirt and jacket, baby blue turtleneck and go go boots! Holy 60s, Batman!

  4. This is one of the best things I ever read, I adore it :D

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