∙ɕ ∙ᶘ∙ ɕ∙ insanity { revisiting 2010 for imaginary garden with real toads }




insanity waits

at the dark edges of my soul

longing to embrace

∙ɕ ∙ᶘ∙ ɕ∙




“Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)”
Kenny Loggins & The First Edition



on this recording,  it’s  first sung by Willie Nelson,  then Patsy Cline,  then Tanya Tucker ~

“Crazy”   written by Willie Nelson



previously posted  23 April 2010 and  14 August 2012


i chose this poem because i believe it expresses a deep personal belief/fear in very few words  ( and it’s as true today as ever ) { it also was included in the dVerse Anthology

Sorry,  Fireblossom,  i  know you despise haikū,  but this is a senryū  *smile*



artwork ~ “Woman’s Head (Emily L. Prahova)”  by  Mikhail Vrubel
{ public domain }
the image looks nothing like me,  but the expression in her eyes seems fitting



this is my submission to ~


Fireblossom Friday:  Simply the Best    at    imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:   re-post your favorite poem and tell why you chose it

thank you,  Fireblossom!






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32 responses to “∙ɕ ∙ᶘ∙ ɕ∙ insanity { revisiting 2010 for imaginary garden with real toads }

  1. it just wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t a part of it, SP! This SENRYU is a chilling little bogeyman of a gem.

  2. oh i love the intensity of the artwork… and esp. when it comes to artists or highly gifted people i sometimes think that insanity is just a step away…

  3. The personification of insanity as a lover shows how close the edge may be, how it might come as something of a relief to fall into those arms, give up the fight and break apart.
    For a short form poem with limited words, you packed a whole lot of human experience into your lines.

  4. The image is very haunting, as is the senyru. When my son toppled over into a mental breakdown, I realized what a fine line there is between “sanity” and falling over the precipice, and how easily one can fall over that precipice………..I totally resonate with this poem. But remind yourself: we are much stronger than we know!

    • i hope your son is doing better now, Sherry. depression to schizophrenia have touched members of my family, so “insanity” is something i’ve been familiar with all my life. and the love of my family is what keeps me sane. ♥

  5. I adore your honesty and this poem resonates with me. Expressed beautifully, dani! ♥

  6. I agree that I feel insanity waits to embrace me….So much in such few words. Love the song choice..so perfect!!

    • thank you, Susie! ♥ as claudia brought up, there is often a closeness between creativity and insanity. let’s just hope we both stay on the creative side. {smile}

  7. And thank you, Dani, for your wonderful comment on my poem. I so appreciate it.

  8. Dani this is haunting! The edges blurred and the doubt whispered in those eyes~

    • i was riveted from the second i saw the image! to capture the emotion expressed in her eyes is amazing! thanks for your visit and comment, Ella! ♥

  9. oh this is haunting…maybe everyone has such a moment…..

    • i think most people experience something similar at least once in their lives… no one can be “happy” 100% of the time. thanks so much for your visit, sreeja! ♥

  10. Oh, she’s made herself right at home inside, and not at the edges, of mine – slippers off, feet up, fingers curled around a wine-stem.

  11. that expression on her face is just so beautiful and haunting, and the poem fits perfectly!

  12. In an insane world, sometimes sanity is a handicap. ;_) This is succinct and expressive, and a fine use of form, Dani.

  13. Helen

    For starters, the artwork is stellar and fits perfectly with your poem. AND the music choices? equally stellar. I love Patsy Cline especially.

  14. and sometimes you just have to embrace it too…smiles…

  15. What a great pic and dark words. This captures a lot in a little space and when insanity is involved…makes it even bigger. Great writing.

  16. peggygoetz

    Hi Dani. Good to see your blog again. You say a lot with this dark poem. (by the way, I still feel terrible about messing up your prompt for PJ.)

    • PLEASE don’t feel bad, Peggy!!! you did nothing wrong ~ i can get too precious about my writing. i just turned down inclusion in an anthology because they wanted to delete two repeated stanzas but just as much because they wouldn’t print the poem and title and my name in all lower case ~ how silly is that? {smile} it’s always good to see you. i’ll be back at Poetry Jam as a participant, i’m sure. just getting back into being able to write from prompts. lovely to see you, dear! ♥

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