∙ꗴ∙ Alice doesn’t live here anymore ∙ꗴ∙

ꔷ ꗴ ꔷ

∙ ꔷ ꗴ ꔷ ∙

Alice found it nearly impossible to
overcome her addictions
to the assorted substances
imbibed while in Wonderland ~
they remained a constant craving

once she turned eighteen
Alice left her childhood home
and managed to find her way
back to Wonderland
at long last

taking up the cello,
Alice enjoyed sitting on a pedestal
stoned out of  her mind
playing to no one
{ occasionally the Cheshire Cat would sort-of  show up }

when asked what had become of  their daughter,
her parents could only reply
“Alice doesn’t live here anymore.”

∙ ꕐ ꔷ ꗴ ꔷ ꔶ ∙

ꕐ ∙ ꗴ ∙ ꔶ

∙ ꔷ ꗴ ꔷ ∙


“White Rabbit”    Jefferson Airplane

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”   Lewis Carroll ( Charles Lutwidge Dodgson )

artwork ~   “Poets Corner”   by  ©Mike Worrall
{ used with permission of  the artist }

this is my submission to ~

Sunday Challenge:  Featuring Mike Worrall   at    imaginary garden with real toads
write a new poem  based on the work & themes of Mike Worrall

thank you, Grace!

Poetics ~ Childhood Toys & Games   at    dVerse ~ Poets Pub
prompt:   write a poem that made use of a childhood game or activity that was enjoyed.
{ my favorite activity was reading and  “The Adventures of  Alice in Wonderland”  was one of  my favorite books}

thank you,  Mary!



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40 responses to “∙ꗴ∙ Alice doesn’t live here anymore ∙ꗴ∙

  1. nice… love me a good cello player… love that she played just for herself (and the cat – ha – smiles) some things in life ruin us for the rest of our life for a normal life…if that makes sense… poor parents though… maybe they should go and visit her and listen a bit…and try to understand..

    • addictions inevitably affect the entire family and i think the parents feel Alice’s loss on many levels. so hard to understand if one hasn’t experienced it for themselves. something about the expression on her face led me to drug use, though it could equally have gone just to the rapture of playing the music. {i think i have a twisted mind! LOL!} always wonderful to see you, claudia! ♥ thanks so much for stopping by.

  2. oy…i enjoy the alice story, but imagining her spending her days stoned out of her mind is a little scary…the last line from her parents is quite sad….i am glad at least she found the music you know….smiles.

    • not quite sure why the image led me in the direction it did. though i often go off in strange tangents. {smile} stoned or not, the music obviously provides solace for her soul. you’re probably not old enough to remember it, but the last line is actually the title of a 1974 movie.

  3. Sometimes those cravings never leave us ~ Enjoyed your twisted tale of Alice grown up character ~
    Thanks for linking up with Real Toads Sunday’s Challenge Dani ~
    Wishing you happy weekend ~


  4. Awesome…that’s all I can say.

  5. A unique slant on the prompt, Dani.

    • truly, reading was my primary activity growing up. we moved at least once a year (from one state to another) so i didn’t develop long-term friendships or “play” much with other kids. “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” were my two favorite books… maybe that explains some of my weird poems. {smile} great prompt! thanks for your visit, Mary. ♥ i hope all is well with you.

  6. I love stories. And this great correspondence between painting and poem. And song. Feed your head.

  7. Very clever…LOL
    Obviously Alice was not playing the Bach Cello suites because this is not possible stoned off your face!

    • i’m not sure she was playing any “real” music ~ it may have all been in her own mind and just noise to everyone else. {smile} thanks for your visit and nice comment! ♥

  8. Oh this is excellent… a drug-addict’s mind.. I can see her playing her cello and her parents and picking up the film-title at the end..very creative

  9. Many of this artist’s paintings have a kind of ‘Alice’ feel about them. This does provide an alternate ending, very apposite to the caterpillar on his mushroom smoking a hookah. I bet he got her hooked in the first place.

  10. Whimsical and charrmng, and fun, despite the seriousness of underlying courses and causes–can you become addicted to the nonsensical, the surreal replace the real? I think yes. Great take, Dani.

  11. Brendan

    Surely when the real leaves you homeless, the surreal is home enough. The zip code’s hard to figure, though. Nice.

  12. Oh! That is amazing… how you went into a deep characterization of Alice. Really liked it.

  13. Dani! So nice to see you and what an excellent perspective to bring to this image! Much enjoyed!

  14. Very cool take on the picture, Dani!

    • thanks, MZ! ♥ by the way, i think it would be a great idea for you, Shay and Joy to take a beach vacation to a deserted island with no internet, paper or pens… just to give the rest of us a chance to build up our self-esteem a little, okay? thanks! {smile}

  15. The clutch of craving…you have written so well of addiction…

  16. grown up Alice had to renounce the world for music………..great storyline…

  17. Yes, Alice on the verge of madness. Love it

  18. ellaedge

    I too love your new take on this tale~
    Yes, Alice did need to go back to see really what the wonder was about…

  19. clever weave: a story, a song, a painting, compact and tight. ~ M

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