• ᧿ • my body hums in harmony • ᧿ •


· ᧿ ·

• ᧿ •

when the drugs start singing this way
my body hums in harmony
’til chemical synapses short-circuit
neurons mis-fire
the connections ex-plode
and my sanity es-capes

the song is always the same
“i’m  fucked…   I’m Fucked…   I’M FUCKED!”
bipolarity reigns
lithium ruins the tune
leaving me on my knees
singing off-key a capella

innocence flees
faster than my conscience
weeping won’t stem the tide
of  allusion…   illusion…   confusion…
swirling in and out of  reality
while the drugs sing on without me

· ᧰ • ᧿ • ᧰ ·

᧰ • ᧿ • ᧰

· • ᧿ • ·

• ᧿ •

“The Long Haul”   No

“when the drugs start singing this way”  is  from the song  “The Long Haul”  above

my  friend and  fellow poet,  Ainsley Allmark,  coined a phrase which i  feel describes this poem perfectly ~  “limite surréaliste”  ~ it  seems as if  it should make sense,  yet it doesn’t quite.  { i believe his definition is something bordering on the surreal. }  you can find Ainsley’s poetry at his main blog  ‘Dolphin Muse’   and at any of  the  ‘Dolphin’  sites listed in my blogroll at the bottom of  the page.

artwork ~   “Study for the Set of the Ballet ‘Tristan Insane'”    Salvador Dali
{ fair use }



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4 responses to “• ᧿ • my body hums in harmony • ᧿ •

  1. Lovely poem dani ♥
    Thank you for the reference to “limite surréaliste” ~ you are correct, your poem does fit into this catagory.

  2. Very glad I found you through NaBloPoMo; love your poem and the song you put up with it. :)

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