∙ͽ∙ ϔ ∙ͼ∙ young and beautiful ∙ͽ∙ ϔ ∙ͼ∙

ͽ ϔ ͼ



he was young and beautiful
a body more perfect than Adonis
but a soul whirling
in and out
of  the man he wanted to be

then one night
his body betrayed him
all she could do
was hold him in her arms
until the aftershocks faded away

she knew
when he started seeing his father
that he would leave her
he knew
what was happening,  too

“I don’t want to die,
but if  I have to,
I want to be in your arms.”
so she held him
until his beautiful body was empty

∙ ϔ ∙

ͽ ϔ ͼ

∙∙ ϔ ∙∙

∙ͽ∙ ϔ ∙ͼ∙

“I Would Die For You”   Matt Walters



unfortunately,  this is based on a true incident….   the song  “I Would Die For You”  brought the memories to the surface



artwork ~   “Adonis”    Pierre-Paul Prud’hon
{ public domain }



this is my submission to ~


DPchallenge  from  The Daily Post at WordPress.com
Weekly Writing Challenge:   Moved by Music
Prompt:  Let music be your inspiration


OpenLinkNight ~ Week 121   at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub
submit a new or old poem

thank you,  Grace!






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38 responses to “∙ͽ∙ ϔ ∙ͼ∙ young and beautiful ∙ͽ∙ ϔ ∙ͼ∙

  1. oh heck… holding him until his body was emptied… brought tears to my eyes… so tough… but so good for him to be held in those last hours..

  2. A very poignant and sad poem! I am so glad to see you posting poetry again, Dani.

  3. Oh this is so sad.. this speaks volumes of loss.. well penned.

  4. wow powerfully moving…the knowing yet willing to hold him to the last minute…painful, but beautiful love…

  5. A very moving poem! The last stanza is beautiful.

  6. I can’t say anything that hasn’t been said yet. I just want you to know this brought a tender memory back to me. Holding someone until their body is empty is a sacred rite. He was blessed to have you there.

  7. words that wrap around you and grip, beautifully put

  8. How sad Dani ~ You painted the scene so well ~
    Happy to see you writing again dear ~ Take care ~

  9. poignant and sad poem!

  10. that was a great gift you gave, and a beautiful poem you have shared.

  11. No one can understand that situation better than you. You gave the power of love to him. It reminds us of how weak we are, that we need this body that would be gone one day.
    Heart-touching, beautifully written.

    • thank you for such a wonderful comment! ♥ since that experience, i never let a day go by without telling my daughter that i love her. Richard was barely 24 years old and by rights should not have died so young. it drove home, as you say, how weak we are and how fleeting life really is.

  12. ellaedge

    I am so sorry Dani (((hugs))) This is so touching and sad-it haunts!
    Loss lives in our hearts n’ souls leaving deep fingerprints~ I hope this person knew how much he was loved~

  13. Beautiful, powerful and sad ~ I had tears in my eyes by the time I finished reading your poem dani ♥
    A well chosen song complements your song so well.
    Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us.

  14. That last line made my heart drop! Wow…

  15. ack…tapped Post Comment too soon. I was going to say Wow…a story in so few words. Nice work Dani :)

  16. so sad and yet what a beautiful love you two shared. This must have been very difficult for you and you loved him through the pain for though he passed on, your emptiness remained. What a loving sacrifice.

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