›¤‹ dreams and constellations ›¤‹

creek 2 Nov 2013




That summer was filled with nights exploring dreams,  building hopes,  fighting fears.  Sneaking out at midnight,  they met down by the creek and discussed everything that was important to fourteen-year-olds.  Sometimes lying side by side under the open sky,  trying to name the constellations…  sometimes sitting against the trunk of  the biggest tree reading a book together in the light of  a camping lantern…  once even skinny dipping when the creek was so full it almost flooded its banks.  They could talk about things they’d only thought to themselves until then.  It was probably easier for both of them,  knowing that he was leaving the end of July.

After he’d taken the train back to Chicago,  she would walk by his grandparents’  house sometimes and wonder who he was talking to now…  if  he ever thought of her…

On a visit home to her parent’s ten years later,  when she had achieved some of the very dreams they had discussed that summer,  she learned he had been killed by a drunk driver.  She tried to find a familiar spot but the creek bed was long since dry,  the wooden footbridge was falling apart,  the entire area was covered in undergrowth.  On the walk back she passed his grandparents’  old house.  It had recently been renovated leaving nothing familiar there either.

The sadness was overwhelming until she realized that he had always been with her and would be for the rest of  her life.  If  it weren’t for him,  she wouldn’t have had the courage to reach for the things she wanted in life.  Every success she attained was due in part to him….  she would be sure to add a few of  his dreams to her own.




“dreams and constellations”  was the final story i wrote at  PHOTOGRAPHprose.  i am saddened that the site no longer exists and also that i only retained copies of  the first and the last of  the five pieces i submitted there.  all of  them,  whether prose or poetry,  were inspired by photographs which had also been submitted to the site.  i have tried to come as close as possible to the feeling of  the original image with the painting above.  though this story was written in June of  2012,  this is the first time it has been posted to this site.




“Dream a little dream of  me”    The Mamas and The Papas




artwork ~  “Creek”   Konstantin Korovin
{  public domain  }






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16 responses to “›¤‹ dreams and constellations ›¤‹

  1. A little tear appeared in my eye ~ one of Joy at the spirit connection these two have.
    Beautifully written dani ♥

    • thank you so much, Ainsley! ♥ this was a story that flowed from the photograph’s inspiration. i’m grateful it’s one of the two i did save.

  2. OH, this story was beautiful and sad. Very touching. You have a gift with words, Dani.

  3. smiles. i like the thought of adding dreams to each other…and the realization that she has as well about their togetherness….

    • this was one of those times when the words just flowed from the image ~ i was surprised with the direction it took but happy with the ending, too. thanks for stopping by, brian!

  4. theartfulcodger

    loved reading this little story. I used to submit stories to a site that prompted stories by posting photos too but that one shut down as well. Wish someone else would do the photo prompt for all of us budding writers!

  5. What a fabulous and heart wrenching story…beautifully written and complemented so perfectly with your choice of artwork. Lovely to visit you here from Art Every Day Month! xo, janice

  6. I got here quite late, so read both yesterday’s and today’s posts one after the other. You are a true wordsmith. Your art is your voice. The one that types the words and phrases. Such beauty and pure joy to read, and at times very tearful. Thank you for your visual imagery, too.

  7. Such a lovely reminder in this story that the beauty of those magical times that seem forever lost is that they shape who we are. I look forward to reading more of your posts during AEDM, and thank you so much, Dani, for your visit and comment over on my own blog.

  8. I loved this story and the picture every much… you wrote in such a way that I felt the longing of this girl’s tender heart. Two 14-year old’s sharing the secrets of their heart. This is sheer beauty – thanks for sharing!

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