·◊· a member of the family ·◊·

The man lovingly turned every piece of wood… carefully putting them together to last. The chair had to be sturdy and safe. This chair was going to hold his wife and their first baby.

They didn’t have much money, but their love made everything wonderful. Mama gave them the rocker that Pa made before April was born. Mama sat in the rocker with every one of her eight children and now April would rock her babies in it, too.

May sneezed from all of the dust being stirred up in the attic. Paul said “bless you” then called her over to the far corner. He was dusting off an old rocker which caused May to sneeze again. She recognized it as the chair her mother had rocked all of her children in from birth until they were too big to sit in her lap. With a new seat cushion it would be perfect for the nursery.

June ran over to the old chair sitting under the trees at the back of the yard. She had wanted to rock in it, but there wasn’t anything to sit on. Mommy came up behind her and started laughing. “Oh, my” she said “I haven’t seen this chair since I was a little girl.” June smiled at her mother. “Was this chair Grandma’s?” Mommy nodded her head and stroked the broken arm of the rocker. “This chair was made by your great-great grandfather.” June gently touched the rocker as she asked “Can we fix it and put it in my room?”

A chair made with love, used with love, kept for love… a member of the family.


“a member of  the family”  was originally posted on PHOTOGRAPHprose in 2011.  i just learned that the site no longer exists and discovered that of  the five pieces i had written there,  i only kept copies of  two.  this was the first one.  i also have the final short story and will post it tomorrow.  having taken a far longer break than i had intended,  i am starting anew with hopes of  posting daily throughout November.  though the two pieces from PHOTOGRAPHprose are not new,  neither has been posted to this site.

“Start Anew”   Beady Eye

image ~   rocking chair  Dick Rowan
{ under Wikimedia Commons license }



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14 responses to “·◊· a member of the family ·◊·

  1. smiles. i posted a few pieces on there…

    its good to see you dani…i hope all is well and you are refreshed from your break

    • i remember that you did! in fact, i may have discovered the site through you. thanks for welcoming me back, bri ~ it’s always a pleasure to see you.

  2. Oh, this is lovely. It makes me feel sad to think of the three “missing” stories and photos. A great concept, too bad it evaporated. Your writing makes it possible to feel from each characters perspective, even in a very quick read. THANK YOU for that! Happy AEDM!

  3. I smiled all the way through your story about that wonderful chair. So glad you “reposted”. The photograph is perfect. Happy AEDM

  4. I love the photo of the rocking chair built to last! I have my mother’s rocking chair here with me, the one she rocked my siblings and me in… and it’s such a comfort… one of my only cherished possessions! I can relate to this heart-song. Excellent – thank you!

    • that’s a wonderful legacy from your mother! the chair in the original photograph really told it’s own story. thank you so much for your visit and kind comment, Susan. ♥

  5. Beautiful and sentimental story!

  6. This might be a “re-run” but it is still a Lovely story ~ thank you for sharing it dani ♥

    • well, technically it’s not a re-run here as it’s the first time i’ve posted this to my blog. {smile} thank you for your sweet comment, Ainsley. ♥

  7. Lovely writing and photo. Thanks for sharing!

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