∙ఇ •Ꮼ• a poem in three words •Ꮼ• ఇ∙

the challenge is to say what i must in the least possible words ~


• Ꮼ •

i  love  you

∙ఇ∙ •Ꮼ• ∙ఇ∙

ఇ∙ •Ꮼ• ∙ఇ

ఇ •Ꮼ• ఇ


“Lovesong”    Adele

i will always love you baby

artwork ~   “Great Lovers (Mr and Miss Hembus)”   Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
{ public domain }

this is my submission to ~

Verse First ~ The Long & Short of It   at   Poets United
prompt:   say what you must in the quickest and simplest way possible

thank you,  Kim!



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8 responses to “∙ఇ •Ꮼ• a poem in three words •Ꮼ• ఇ∙

  1. Beautiful….dreaming of him.❤

  2. and that can be the most beautiful poem…smiles.

  3. The best three little words in the world! :)

  4. Those words change any tune! Beautiful~
    Hope you are doing well

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