One Moon via Ainsley Allmark @DolphinDancer

One Moon

by  Ainsley Allmark
aka  @DolphinDancer

She played
Stirred the waters
Into a gentle whirlpool

One Moon showed
A secret face
Never seen
Except by her Lover

One Moon kissed

via  Dolphin Muse

Beethoven’s   “Moonlight  Sonata”

my gratitude to Ainsley Allmark  for allowing  me to re-blog  his poem  “One Moon”  today.  i hope it is the beginning  of  another series.  you will  find much of  Ainsley’s poetry  from  2012  at his main blog  ‘Dolphin Muse‘ and  Ainsley’s small stones from the January 2012 Mindful Writing Challenge can be found at  ‘Dolphin Ainsley‘.   you will  find links to the rest of  Ainsley’s Dolphin blogs,  including  ‘Dolphin Visions‘  which contains some of  his gorgeous photography as well as poetry,  in the blogroll at the bottom of  this page.

artwork   ~   “Autumn  flowers in  front of  full moon”    Hiroshige
{ public domain }



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6 responses to “One Moon via Ainsley Allmark @DolphinDancer

  1. Thank you dani ♥
    Your vision of my “One Moon” is really beautiful ~ You honour me by this ~ thank you again.

    • i felt the image came close to doing justice to your poem… which is now one of my very favorites! thank you for allowing me to re-blog it! ♥

  2. smiles…glad you reblogged it…it is a very nice piece…

  3. What a beautiful pairing~ The song’s mood and tone gives the poem an epic feel :D Very Clever Dani <3 it

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